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Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things. 23:33

Trivia: Whose prayer is an abomination to God?

Proverbs : Good Stuff (60)

  1. Fools despise wisdom and learning. 1:7

  2. Listen to the advice of your mother and father. 1:8
  3. Seek wisdom and understanding. 2:2
  4. Be merciful and truthful. 3:3
  5. "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding." 3:13

    A special anthem was composed from these words for Darwin's funeral at Westminster Abbey.

  6. Help your neighbor, if you can. And don't wait until tomorrow if you can do it today. 3:27-28
  7. Don't devise plots against your neighbor, fight without cause, or imitate an oppressor. 3:29-31
  8. Get wisdom and understanding. 4:5-7
  9. Avoid evil. 4:14-15
  10. Speak plainly and honestly to others. 4:24
  11. Have fun with your wife. 5:18-19
  12. Wisdom is better than wealth. Nothing else compares with it. 8:11
  13. A wise son makes a happy father. 10:1

  14. Hatred causes strife, but love covers all sins. 10:12
  15. Shame follows an excess of pride. 11:2
  16. Those who are kind are happier than those who are cruel. 11:17
  17. "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind." 11:29

    A nice thought and a great movie.

  18. Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge. 12:1
  19. Be kind to animals. 12:10
  20. Fools are right in their own eyes; The wise listen to counsel. 12:15
  21. Truth lasts forever, but lies last only a moment. 12:19
  22. When people are sad, a kind word can cheer them up. 12:25
  23. A wise son listens to his father. 13:1
  24. Even in laughter there is some sadness. 14:13
  25. Don't believe anything without evidence. 14:15
  26. Fools are overconfident. 14:16
  27. Those who are easily angered often act foolishly. 14:17
  28. It is wrong to despise your neighbor. Happy are those who are merciful to the poor. 14:21
  29. A soft answer turns away wrath. 15:1
  30. A wise son makes a glad father. A foolish man destpises his mother. 15:20
  31. Wisdom and undertanding are better than silver or gold. 16:16
  32. Pride goes before a fall. 16:18
  33. It's better to be humble than proud. 16:19
  34. Don't gossip. 16:28
  35. Grey hair is a crown of glory. 16:31
  36. A friend is a friend forever. (BFF) 17:17
  37. A wise fool keeps his mouth shut. 17:28
  38. Don't answer a question before you hear it. 18:13
  39. To have a friend, you must be a friend. There are no friends closer than family. 18:24
  40. Ignorance is not a good thing. 19:2
  41. The bread of deceit is sweet at the time, but afterwards it is filled with gravel. 20:17
  42. Avoid flatterers and gossips. 20:19
  43. A false balance isn't good. (Don't cheat.) 20:23
  44. If you keep your mouth shut, you'll stay out of trouble. 21:23
  45. A good reputation is woth more than riches. 22:1
  46. Blessed are those who give food to the poor. 22:9
  47. Hear the words of the wise. 22:17
  48. Don't rob the poor or oppress the afflicted. 22:22
  49. Try to learn as much as you can. 23:12
  50. Listen to your father, and don't despise your mother when she is old. 23:22
  51. Value truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding. 23:23
  52. Don't envy evil people or hang out with them.. 24:1
  53. Don't be a false witness against your neighbor. 24:28
  54. Don't say, "I'll pay you back for what you did to me." 24:29
  55. Don't brag. You might mess up tomorrow. 27:1
  56. Let others say nice things about you. 27:2
  57. A wise son makes a happy father. 29:3
  58. Those who love wisdom make their fathers proud. 29:3

  59. Speak out for those who cannot speak. 31:8
  60. Plead the cause of the poor and needy. 31:9

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