0 The Book of Moses Topical Outline

No man can behold all my glory, and afterwards remain in the flesh on the earth. 1:5

Trivia: In the Book of Moses, when God introduced himself to Moses, what did he say his name was?

1 Moses talks to God on a mountain (1-11)

    Satan stops by to talk to Moses (12-23)

    Moses and God talk some more (24-42)

2 God reads Genesis 1 to Moses (with a few strange additions) (1-31)

3 God reads Genesis 2 to Moses (and makes a few improvements in the text) (1-25)

3 Satan voluteers to redeem mankind (1-4)

    God revises Genesis 3 (and reads it to Moses) (5-32)

5 The secret lives of Adam and Eve (1-15)

    God goes mostly off-script when reading Genesis 4 to Moses (16-59)

6 The end of Genesis 4  (1-7)

    Genesis 5: The inspired edition (8-25)

    All about Enoch (26-50)

    The Man of Holines (God) speaks to Adam (51-63)

    Adam is baptized and becomes a son of God (64-69)

7 God turns the Canaanites skin black (so they'd be despised by everyone) (1-12)

    Enoch's magic voice¬† (13-17)

    Enoch builds the city of Zion and God takes it to heaven (18-21)

    Cain's descendants were black (and separate from all other people) (22-69)

8 The end of Genesis 5 (correcting the birth dates of Noah's sons) (1-13)

    Gensis 6 (corrected and explained) (14-30)

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