0 Joseph Smith - History Topical Outline

I then said to my mother, I have learned for myself that Presbyterianism is not true. 1:20

Trivia: What was the only piece of clothing that Moroni had on when he first visited Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith - History

1 Childhood (1-4)

    Which church to join (5-10)

    Two men in the air said, "Don't join any of them." (11-20)

    Persecution (21-28)

    Moroni's first visit (29-43)

    Moron's second visit (same words as first visit) (44-45)

    Moroni's third visit (Using the same words as the first two visits) (46-48)

    Moroni's fourth visit (Same words as third visit) (49)

    Finding the golden plates (50-52)

    Returning every year for four years (53-54)

    Digging for hidden treasures (55-56)

    Marrying Emma Hale (57-58)

    Getting the golden plates (59)

    Giving them back to Moroni (60)

    Martin Harris's $50 gift (61)

    Copying characters (62)

    Martin Harris's trip to New York City (63)

    Charles Anthon: Best translation ever (64)

    I can't read a sealed book (65)

    Oliver Cowdery (66-67)

    Ordained by John the Baptist (68-69)

    Oliver Cowdery and I baptize each other (70-75)

    It's all a secret (74-75)

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