0 Animal sacrifice (Ex 29:22 - 30:10)

Episode 37: Animal sacrifice

(Exodus 29:22 - 30:10)

Wave, heave, and sin offerings

29 God continued his instructions to Moses, saying,

22-23 Take the rump, fat, caul, kidneys, and right shoulder of the ram and add a loaf of bread or two, and a wafer of unleavened bread.

24 Put it in the hands of Aaron and his sons to wave in front of me.

This is a wave offering.

25 After Aaron and his sons are done with the wave offering, burn the remains on the altar for a burnt offering - a sweet savor to me.

26 Take the ram's breast and wave it for a wave offering in front of me.

27 Sanctify the breast of the wave offering and the shoulder of the heave offering.

28 The heave offering is a statute forever from me.

31 Take the ram and seethe its flesh in the holy place.

32 Aaron and his sons will eat the flesh of the ram and the bread in the basket by the door of the tabernacle.

33 Don't allow any strangers to eat any of your animal sacrifices, because they are holy.

34 Burn the leftovers. (Don't eat them, because they are holy.)

Daily animal sacrifices

36 Kill a bullock every day for a sin offering.

38 Every day offer two lambs, continually. One in the morning and one in the evening.

40 When you sacrfice the lamb, include some flour and oil, and a quarter hin of wine for a drink offering.

41 Sacrifice the other lamb in the evening for a sweet savor to me.

42 This will be a continual burnt offering throughout your generations.

43 When you do these sacrifices, I will meet and speak to you.

And you will be sanctified by my glory.

Make an altar, burn incense, and sacrifice animals

30 1 God continues his instructions to Moses, saying,

Make an altar out of shittim wood to burn incense.

2 The altar shall be square, one cubit on a side, and three cubits high.

3 Overlay the top, sides, and horns with gold, with a crown of gold round about.

6 Put the incense altar in front of the veil by the ark in front of the mercy seat that is over the testimony, where I will meet with you.

7 Burn sweet incense every morning and evening, perpetually throughout your generations.

9 Don't offer any strange incense or burnt, meat, or drink offerings on the incense altar.

10 Once a year make a sacrifice on the altar's horns. This shall be done throughout your generations. It is most holy to me.

The High Priest offers the sacrifice of a goat

A few more words about this episode

In this episode, I said that priests were not supposed to drink wine around the tabernacle. And if they do, they will die. This comes from a verse in Leviticus that we will see later.

Do not drink wine nor strong drink ... when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever. Leviticus 10:9

I also said that God drinks wine sometimes. This is the verse that implies that.

Wine, which cheereth God and man. Judges 9:13
A sweet savor to me (29:25)
God smells a "sweet savor" 44 times in the Bible. In every case, it refers to his pleasure when smelling the burning flesh of animals when they are sacrificed to him.
A quarter hin of wine for a drink offering (29:40)
A hin is about 5 liters. So a drink offering should be about 1.25 liters.
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