0 Doctrine & Covenants : Cruelty & Violence

the laws which ye have received from my hand are the laws of the church, and in this light ye shall hold them forth. Behold, here is wisdom. 58:23

Trivia: In section 137, Joseph Smith has a vision of the celestial kingdom. Who was he surprised to see there?

Doctrine & Covenants : Cruelty & Violence (103)

  1. If they don't repent, everyone on earth will be destroyed. 5:19
  2. Those who are found on Jesus's left hand will weep, wail, and gnash their teeth. 19:5
  3. Hell will be endless torment and endless damnation. 19:6
  4. I [Jesus] am endless, so the punishment that I give is endless. Endless is my name. 19:10
  5. God's punishment is eternal and endless. 19:11
  6. So keep the commandments that Joseph Smith, Jun. has given you. 19:13
  7. Repent, or Jesus will smite you with the rod in his mouth. 19:15
  8. Jesus commands Martin Harris to sell his farm to pay for the printing of the Book of Mormon. If he refueses he and his property will be destroyed. 19:33
  9. If anyone trys to harm you, command them to be smitten in my name, and I'll smite them. 24:16
  10. Soon I [Jesus] will burn all the wicked people. 29:11
  11. There'll be weeping and wailing. 29:15
  12. God will take vengeance on the wicked. Then he'll send flies and maggots to eat their flesh. 29:17
  13. Their flesh will fall from their bones and their eyes from their sockets. Then the birds and beasts will eat them. 29:20
  14. And God will say, "Go you cursed people to burn forever in the fire." 29:28
  15. Those who don't believe will be damned. 29:44
  16. Those without faith will drink the wine of the wrath of fornication. 35:11
  17. Killers must killed and they will never be forgiven. 42:18
  18. Those who are idle will not be allowed to eat or wear clothes. 42:42
  19. Wo to those who don't die in me - their death is bitter. 42:47
  20. Those who obey my commandments will be saved; those who don't will be damned. 42:60
  21. The cup of the wrath of mine indignation is full. 43:26
  22. The wicked shall go away into unquenchable fire. 43:33
  23. God's arm will fall on the nations. 45:47
  24. The mockers and scorners will burn in the fire. 45:50
  25. When the Lord appears, he'll be terrible to them, so they'll tremble with fear. 45:74
  26. I kill, or keep alive, whoever I want. 63:3
  27. I destroy things for my own pleasure. I can even send souls to hell. 63:4
  28. The wicked, rebellious, and unbelieving should all be afraid. When the day of wrath comes, everyone will know that I'm God. 63:6
  29. The fearful, unbelieving, liars, whoremongers, and sorcerers will be burned in the lake of fire and brimstone. 63:17
  30. When I get angry I create wars where wicked people kill each other, and everyone is afraid. 63:33
  31. It'll be hard for the saints to escape. But I'll come down from heaven and save them by burning the wicked with unquenchable fire. I'm not going to do this for a while though. I'll do it by and by. 63:34
  32. The angels will pluck out the wicked and cast them into unquenchable fire. 63:54
  33. After today cometh the burning - this is speaking after the manner of the Lord - for verily I say, tomorrow all the proud and they that do wickedly shall be as stubble; and I will burn them up, for I am the Lord of Hosts; and I will not spare any that remain in Babylon. 64:24
  34. Those who believe and are baptized are saved, those that don't believe aree damned. 68:9
  35. It would have been better if the sons of perdition had never been born. Because they are doomed to suffer the wrath of God with the devil and his angels. They will never be forgiven. Because they denied the truth after believing it. They'll go into the lake of fire with the devil and his angels. 76:32
  36. Everyone will be saved except for the sons of perdition, who will be tormented forever. 76:43
  37. Everyone in the telestial world goes to hell, and stay in hell until Jesus finishes his work. 76:84
  38. Those in the telestial world suffer the wrath of God on earth, and the vengeance of eternal fire. 76:104
  39. Everyone is condemned until they read and believe the Book of Mormon. 84:57
  40. Those who don't believe and aren't baptised will be damned. Condemn them for their evil unbelieving hearts. 84:74
  41. Wo to the houses and cities that reject you. I'll send plagues upon them. 84:95
  42. All the rest of you should do the same: Go preach everywhere telling everyone that they will be killed if they don't believe what you say. 84:117
  43. I will destroy their kingdoms and shake the earth and stars. 84:118
  44. Vengeance will come quickly on the ungodly. 97:22
  45. The Lord's scourge will vex everyone. It will continue until the Lord comes. 97:23
  46. But Zion will escape, if she does what I tell her to do. Otherwise, I'll send plagues, wars, and fire on her. 97:25
  47. Renounce war and proclaim peace. Or I will smite the whole earth with a curse and everything livng thing will die. 98:16
  48. Renounce war and proclaim peace. Or I will smite the whole earth with a curse and everything livng thing will die. 98:16
  49. But if your enemy is in your hands, go ahead and kill them. 98:31
  50. That's what Nephi, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham did - as did all of my ancient prophets and apostles. 98:32
  51. They must be chastened, like Abraham, who was commanded to sacrifice his only son. 101:4
  52. Every animal, including humans, will be killed. 101:24
  53. Break down the walls of my enemies, throw down their tower, anc scatter their watchmen. 101:57
  54. I'll be pouring out my wrath, without measure, on my enemies in my own time. 103:2
  55. I've put up with them for a while, waiting for their cup of iniquities to fill. 103:3
  56. the redemption of Zion must needs come by power 103:15
  57. Because you must be led out of bondage by power. 103:17
  58. Whover you curse, I curse, and you will avenge my enemies for me. 103:25
  59. I'll help avenge my enemies for three or four generations. 103:26
  60. Don't be afraid to die for my sake. 103:27
  61. If you're not willing to die for me, you're not my disciple. 103:28
  62. Parley Pratt and Lyman Wight should gather soldiers in groups of 10s, 20s, or 100 until they have a total of 500. 103:30
  63. I will curse anyone who belongs to the order and breaks its covenant. They will be trampled on by whomever I want. 104:5
  64. If you're guilty, you can't escape my wrath in your lives. 104:8
  65. Whoever doesn't share with the poor will be be tormented in hell with the wicked. 104:18
  66. I will fight your battles. 105:14
  67. I've sent a destroyer to destroy my enemies. In a few years they won't be polluting my inheritance or blaspheming my name in the land I've given to my saints. 105:15
  68. I've commanded Joseph Smith, Jun. to lead my young and middle-aged warriors to throw down the towers of my enemies and scatter their watchmen. 105:16
  69. And the armies of Israel will take possession of these lands and throw down the towers of my enemies, scatter their watchmen, and avenge me of my enemies to their third and fourth generations. 105:30
  70. My army must become very great, so her banners are terrible to all nations. 105:31
  71. We ask you to smite whoever tries to smite us. And fight for us. 109:28
  72. We know you've said terrible things about the wicked in the last days. 109:45
  73. Deliver us from the calamity of the wicked on the day of burning. 109:46
  74. Bare your arm, O Lord. 109:51
  75. Let your anger waste them away. 109:52
  76. Vengeance will come soon to everyone on earth - a day of wrath, burning, weeping, mourning, and a whirlwind everywhere on earth. 112:24
  77. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, and whoever doesn't believe and isn't baptized will be damned. 112:29
  78. Get angry with our enemies and avenge us with your sword. 121:5
  79. And in a few years, not one of them or their posterity will be left to stand by the wall. 121:15
  80. It'd be better for them to be drowned with a millstone around their necks. 121:22
  81. They are generation of vipers who will all be damned to hell. 121:23
  82. But if not, there will be cursings, indignation, and judgments on your heads for all of your follies and abominations. 124:48
  83. I'll visit on the heads of those who hinder my work - to the third and fouth generation. 124:50
  84. They will pay with wailing, anguish, and gnashing of teeth upon their heads to the third and fourth generations. 124:52
  85. I, the Lord, have a scourge prepared for the inhabitants of that city. 124:83
  86. Let Sidney [Rigdon] lift up his voice like a trump to warn everyone on earth of the wrath to come. 124:106
  87. This is an everlasting covenant. Those who do not accept it are damned. No one who rejects this covenant may enter into my glory. 132:4
  88. The law was instituted for the fulness of my glory. Abide by it or be damned, says the Lord God. 132:6
  89. Those who commit blasphemy against the Holy Ghost or commit murder will be damned. 132:27
  90. I commanded Abraham to kill his son Isaac as a sacrifice to me, even though I also said, "Don't kill." But Abraham didn't refuse to kill his son for me, and he was righteous for it. 132:36
  91. You [Joseph Smith] asked me [God] about adultery. Here is my answer: If a man receives a wife in the new and everlasting covenant, and if she has sex with another man that I haven't appointed to her, then she has committed adultery and must be killed. 132:41
  92. Here is a commandment to Emma Smith, your wife that I gave to you:  Accept all those I have given to Joseph [Smith], and who are virtuous and pure. Those who aren't pure, but claimed to be pure, will be destroyed. 132:51
  93. Emma Smith: Be Joseph's wife and don't marry anyone else. If you don't obey this commandment, you will be destroyed. 132:54
  94. But if any of these ten virgins after they are married to one man, has sex with another man, she has committed adultery and shall be destroyed. Wives are given to a man to produce children. 132:63
  95. If a man has a wife, who he has taught this law to, and yet she refuses to believe or obey that law, then she must be destroyed. I will destroy her. 132:64
  96. Don't hurry, but don't look back or you'll be destroyed. 133:15
  97. The Lord will be dressed in red garments. 133:48
  98. And he'll say: "I've troddent the wine-press alone." 133:50
  99. I've trample them in my fury. I've tread on them in my anger. I've sprinkle their blood on my garments. 133:51
  100. Someday the Lord will burn all the wicked people. 133:64
  101. I killed all the fish in the rivers and sea and made them stink. 133:68
  102. They will go into the outer darkness where there is weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. 133:73
  103. Your testimony has been rejected by the nation that has driven you out Now they will pay for it with calamity and sorrow, unless they repent. 136:34

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