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I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord. 12:15

Trivia: Where did the angel Raphael tie up the devil?



Raphael offers to lead Tobias to Gabelus in Medes
AbsurdityContradictions 5:1-28

1 Then Tobias answered his father, and said: I will do all things, father, which thou hast commanded me.

Tobias said to his father, 

I'll do what you say.

2 But how I shall get this money, I cannot tell; he knoweth me not, and I know not him: what token shall I give him? nor did I ever know the way which leadeth thither.

But how will I get his money?

He [Gabelus] doesn't know me, and I don't know him.

3 Then his father answered him, and said: I have a note of his hand with me, which when thou shalt shew him, he will presently pay it.

His father said,

I have a note from him.

Show it to him, and he will pay it.

4 But go now, and seek thee out some faithful man, to go with thee for his hire: that thou mayst receive it, while I yet live.

5 Then Tobias going forth, found a beautiful young man, standing girded, and as it were ready to walk.

When Tobias left his father, he saw a beautiful young man, girded and ready for a walk.

6 And not knowing that he was an angel of God, he saluted him, and said: From whence art thou, good young man?

He didn't know it was an angel, so he said, "Who are you, good-looking young man?"

7 But he answered: Of the children of Israel. And Tobias said to him: Knowest thou the way that leadeth to the country of the Medes?

The angel answered, "I'm an Israelite." [1]

Tobias said, "Do you know the way to Medes?"

8 And he answered: I know it: and I have often walked through all the ways thereof, and I have abode with Gabelus our brother, who dwelleth at Rages a city of the Medes, which is situate in the mount of Ecbatana.

The angel said,

Yes, I've been there often. And I have visited Gabelus in Rages.

9 And Tobias said to him: Stay or me, I beseech thee, till I tell these same things to my father.

Tobias said, "Stay here. I'm going to tell my father about you."

10 Then Tobias going in told all these things to his father. Upon which his father being in admiration, desired that he would come in unto him.

So Tobias went home and told his father, who asked to see the angel.

11 So going in he saluted him, and said: Joy be to thee always.

When the angel arrived, he said, "May you always be joyful."

12 And Tobias said: What manner of joy shall be to me, who sit in darkness, and see not the light of heaven?

Tobias Sr. said, "Why should I be happy? I'm sitting here in darkness."

13 And the young man said to him: Be of good courage, thy cure from God is at hand.

The angel said, "God will cure you."

14 And Tobias said to him: Canst thou conduct my son to Gabelus at Rages, a city of the Medes? and when thou shalt return, I will pay thee thy hire.

Tobias said, "Could you take my son to Medes? I'll pay you for your trouble."

15 And the angel said to him: I will conduct him thither, and bring him back to thee.

The angel said, "Sure, I'll take him and bring him back."

16 And Tobias said to him: I pray thee, tell me, of what family, or what tribe art thou?

Tobias said, "What family or tribe are you from?"

17 And Raphael the angel answered: Dost thou seek the family of him thou hirest, or the hired servant himself to go with thy son?

The angel (whose name was Raphael) said,

18 But lest I should make thee uneasy, I am Azarias the son of the great Ananias.

I'm Azarias, the son of Ananias. [1]

19 And Tobias answered: Thou art of a great family. But I pray thee be not angry that I desired to know thy family.

Tobias said, "That's a great family. Don't be angry with me for asking about your family."

20 And the angel said to him: I will lead thy son safe, and bring him to thee again safe.

Raphael said to him, "I'll lead your son and bring him home again."

21 And Tobias answering, said: May you have a good journey, and God be with you in your way, and his angel accompany you.

Tobias said, "Have a good trip, and may an angel go with you."

22 Then all things being ready, that were to be carried in their journey, Tobias bade his father and his mother farewell, and they set out both together.

So Tobias Jr. said goodby to he father and mother, and left with the angel.

23 And when they were departed, his mother began to weep, and to say: Thou hast taken the staff of our old age, and sent him away from us.

After they left, Tobias's mother began to weep, saying, 

24 I wish the money for which thou hast sent him, had never been.

I wish you didn't have the money to pay him for taking Tobias.

25 For poverty was sufficient for us, that we might account it as riches, that we saw our son.

26 And Tobias said to her: Weep not, our son will arrive thither safe, and will return safe to us, and thy eyes shall see him.

Tobias Sr. said,

Don't worry. They'll return safely.

27 For I believe that the good angel of God doth accompany him, and doth order all things well that are done about him, so that he shall return to us with joy.

I believe that a good angel is with him.

28 At these words his mother ceased weeping, and held her peace.


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