0 Tobias : Science

King Sennacherib was come back, fleeing from Judea by reason of the slaughter that God had made about him for his blasphemy. 1:21

Trivia: What happened to the seven husbands of Sara, the daughter of Raguel, when they had sex with her?

Tobias : Science (3)

  1. The angel said, " If you put a piece of its heart on the coals, the smoke will drive away all kinds of devils. And the gall is good for the eyes. If you have a white speck on them, it'll cure them. 6:8-9
  2. Raphael said to Tobias, "When you get home, take the gall from the fish and wipe it on his eyes. That will cure him of his blindness." 11:7-8
  3. When Tobias got home, he rubbed the fish gall on his father's eyes. In about half an hour, the white skin on his eyes pealed off (like the skin of an egg). And Tobias could see again. 11:13-15

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