0 Some good rules - and some strange ones (Lev 19)

Episode 51: A few good rules - and some strange ones

(Leviticus 19)

Some good rules

19 9 When your harvest your crops, leave some unharvested in the corners of your field.

10 Don't gather every grape from your vineyard. Leave some for the poor and for strangers.

11 Don't steal or lie.

13 Pay a fair wage to your employees.

14 Be kind to the deaf and blind.

15 Judge others fairly, without favoring the poor or the mighty.

16 Don't gossip.

17 Don't hate your brother.

18 Love your neighbor as yourself.

Some strange rules

19 Don't let cows interbreed, don't sow with mixed seeds, and don't mix linen and wool in the same garment.

20 If a man has sex with an engaged slave woman, scourge the woman, but don't punish the man.

23 Consider all fruit from fruit trees less than three years old to be uncircumcised. Don't eat them.

24 Fourth year fruit is holy. Praise me with it.

25 You can eat fruit from five-year-old trees.

26 Don't eat anything with blood, or use magic, or astrology.

27 Don’t round the corners of your heads or mar the corners of your beards.

28 Don't cut your flesh for dead people or get any tattoos.

29 Don't force your daughter to become a prostitute.

31 Stay away from wizards and familiar spirits.

A few more good rules

32 Stand in the presence of old people.

Honor the face of an old man.

34 Don't mistreat strangers. Treat them as fellow citizens. And love them as you love yourself.

36 Treat others fairly; don't cheat.

A few more words about this episode

Love your neighbor as yourself. (19:18)
This is one of the best verses in the Bible. But who is your neighbor? A member of your tribe? A fellow Israelite?
Jesus had a good answer to this question in the parable of the Good Samaritan
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