0 Miscarrying wombs and dry breasts (Hoesa 6-14)

Episode 219: Miscarrying wombs and dry breasts

Hosea 6-14

They commit lewdness

6 1 Let's return to God. He's torn us and will heal us.

2 He'll revive us after two days, and on the third day he will raise us up.

5 I [God] killed Ephraim and Judah with the words of my mouth.

6 I desire mercy, not sacrifice.

9 The priests commit lewdness.

10 There is whoredom in Ephraim.

Woe unto them!

7 1 I would have healed Israel, but Ephraim and Samaria were wicked.

4 They are all adulterers.

8 Ephraim has mixed with other people.

9 Strangers have devoured his strength.

12 I'll spread my net upon them.

13 Woe unto them! Because they have run away from me. And because they have disobeyed me.

14 And they didn't cry to me when they howled on their beds.

16 Their princes will die by the sword for what they said.

I'll burn their cities

8 1 Put a trumpet to your lips.

4 Israel has kings that I didn't select. And princes without my knowledge.

7 They have sown the wind, and shall reap the whirlwind.

9 Ephraim has hired lovers.

14 I'll burn the cities in Israel and Judah.

Give them miscarrying wombs and dry breasts

9 1 Don't be happy, Israel, because you've gone a whoring from your God.

You've had sex on every threshing floor.

7 The prophet is a fool, and the spiritual man is mad.

11 As for Ephraim, I will kill their children.

14 What will you Give them, God? Give them miscarrying wombs and dry breasts.

15 I hated them for their wickedness. I will love them no more.

16 I will kill their children, whom they dearly love.

17 God will throw them away since they didn't listen to him.

The mother was dashed in pieces upon her children

10 8 The thorn and the thistle will say to the mountains, cover us, and to the hills, fall on us.

14 Conflict will break out among the people. Mothers will be dashed in pieces with their children.

God will roar like a lion

11 1 When Israel was a child, I called him out of Egypt.

6 The sword will kill the people in Ephraim's cities.

10 God will roar like a lion, and the people will tremble.

Ephraim feeds on wind

12 1 Ephraim feeds on the wind.

4 Jacob fought with the angel and won.

Their infants shall be dashed in pieces, their women with child shall be ripped up

13 1 When Ephraim offended me with Baal, he died.

7-8 I'll rip them apart like a lion or a leopard and eat them.

14 I'll send plagues and destruction, but repentance will be hidden from my eyes.

15 God's wind will come and make the land desolate.

16 Samaria rebelled against God, so they will die by the sword.

Their children will be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped apart.

We won't ride on horses

14 3 We won't ride on horses.

6 Israel smells like Lebanon.

8 Ephraim will say, "I'm like a green fir tree. Your fruit's on my tree."

9 Wise people will understand these things.

A few more words about this episode

I desire mercy, not sacrifice. (6:6)
This is one of the most quoted verses in Hosea. Even Jesus quoted it in Matthew 9:13.
I called him out of Egypt. (11:1)
Matthew (2:15) claims that the flight of Jesus' family to Egypt is a fulfillment of this verse. But Hosea 11:1 is not a prophecy. It is a reference to the Hebrew exodus from Egypt and has nothing to do with Jesus. Matthew tries to hide this fact by quoting only the last part of the verse ("Out of Egypt I have called my son").
Jacob fought with the angel and won. (12:4)
Genesis 32:22-32, Episode 16
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