0 I am God the great and powerful (Job 38-41)

Episode 167: I am God the great and powerful. Who are you?

Job 38-41

God speaks to Job from a whirlwind

38 1 Then God answered Job from out of a whirlwind, saying,

3 Gird up your loins like a man, and answer some of my questions.

4 Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?

5 Who measured the earth by stretching a line upon it?

6 Upon what are the earth's foundations? Who laid the cornerstone?

7 Where were you when the morning stars sang and the sons of God shouted for joy?

8 Who shut up the sea doors, as though it had issued out of the womb?

10 Who set bars and doors on the sea, saying, "This far you can come, but no further."

13 Can you grab hold of the ends of the earth and shake the wicked people out of it?

16 Have you walked in the deepest part of the sea or had the gates of death opened for you?

18 Do you know the size of the earth?

19 Do you know where light and darkness dwell?

21 Surely you know all this since you were here when it was created, and you've lived so long.

22-23 Have you seen where snow and rain are stored for use in times of war?

29 And out of whose womb comes the ice and the hoary frost of heaven?

31 Can you bind the Pleiades or untie the stars in Orion?

35 Can you send lightning bolts that say to you, "Here we are"?

37 Can you count the clouds or spill the bottles of heaven?

39 Can you find prey for lions?

39 1 Do you know when wild goats give birth?

2 Do you know their gestation period?

5 Who set the wild ass free?

9 Will the unicorn be willing to serve you?

13 Did you give the peacocks their wings?

Or feathers to the ostrich?

19 Did you give the horse its strength, or clothe its neck with thunder?

40 1 God asked Job,

2 Can someone who argues with the Almighty instruct him?

3 Job answered,

What can I say? I'm vile. My hand is on my mouth.

I spoke before, but I won't answer again.

6 God said,

Gird up your loins like a man and answer me.

8 Will you deny my judgment and condemn me, so that you can be righteous?

9 Do you have an arm like mine?

Can you make your voice as thunderous as mine?

12 Can you ruin the proud, walk on the wicked, and bury them in the dust?

14 If so, then I give up. You win

The behemoth

15 Consider the behemoth.

16 His strength is in his loins and his force is in his navel.

19 I made the behemoth, and I'm even stronger than him.

Behemoth as depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal

The Leviathan

41 1 Can you catch the Leviathan with a hook, or catch his tongue with a line?

2 Can you put a hook in his nose, or drill a hole through his jaw with a thorn?

3 Does he speak soft words to you?

4 Does he agree to serve you forever?

5 Do you play with him like a bird?

7 Can you fill his skin with barbed wire, or his head with fish spears?

9 No one is strong enough to stand up before him.

10 Who then, can stand up to me?/p>

11 I'm stronger than everyone else. And everything is mine.

12 I won't hide the Leviathan's powerful parts.

13 Who can even look at his clothes or double bridle?

14 He has terrible teeth.

15 He’s proud of his scales.

18 A light shines when he sneezes.

19 Burning lamps and sparks of fire leap out of his mouth.

20 Smoke comes out of his nose.

24 His heart is as hard as a stone.

25 When he comes around, everyone runs away.

27 To him, iron is like straw, and brass like rotten wood.

28 Arrows and slingshots don't scare him.

29 He laughs at darts and shaking spears.

33 Nobody's like him. He's fearless.

34 He sees everything and is king over everyone.

Antichrist on Leviathan, Liber floridus, 1120

A few more words about this episode

Out of whose womb comes the ice and the hoary frost? (30:29)
Frost comes out of a womb? I thought it came from God's breath. (Job 37:10)
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