0 A mark on the forehead (Ezekiel 7-10)

Episode 201: A mark on the forehead

Ezekiel 7-10

I won't pity you, and you'll know I'm God

7 1 God came to me [Ezekiel] and said,

2 Son of man, this is what I say to Israel,

This is the end of the four corners of the land.

3 I'm sending my anger upon you.

I'll punish you for all of your abominations.

4 I won't spare or pity. And you'll know that I'm God.

5 Evil and only evil is coming.

11 None of you will survive, and no one will mourn for you.

12 It's coming soon.

14 I'm angry at everyone.

15 Those in the city will die from famine and pestilence, and those in the country will die with the sword.

17 All hands will be feeble; all knees will be weak.

18 Everyone will gird themselves with sackcloth. Horror and shame will cover their faces. And every head will be bald.

19 People will throw their silver onto the streets, and their gold will be worthless.

23 Violent crime will be everywhere.

25 Everything will be destroyed, and there'll be no peace.

26 Mischief will follow mischief, and rumors upon rumor.

27 I'll make trouble for everyone, and everyone will know that I'm God.

Ezekiel sees God's loins again!

8 1 One day, as I sat in my house with the elders of Judah, the hand of God fell upon me.

2 And I saw what looked like God's loins. They were amber-colored and seemed to be on fire.

Special delivery

3 God sent down what looked like a hand, which grabbed me by my hair and lifted me up between heaven and earth and transported me to the seat of jealousy.

4 And the glory of the God was there.

7 God brought me to the door, where I saw a hole in the wall.

8 God said to me, "Son of man, dig a hole in the wall."

So I did that and found a door.

9 Then he said to me, "Go in and see all the abominations they do here."

10 So I went in and saw all kinds of creeping things, abominable beasts, and idols pictured on the wall.

16 God brought me to the inner court of his house, and there were twenty men facing east, worshiping the sun.

17 God said to me,

Did you see that, son of man? They commit abominations by putting the branch to their nose.

18 Therefore I won't spare or pity. I won't hear them when they cry to me.

A man in linen kills everyone in Jerusalem

9 1 God cried in my ears with a loud voice, saying,

Tell the men with destroying weapons to come here.

2 Six men with slaughter weapons came and stood beside the altar. One was dressed in linen and had writing utensils in his hand.

3 God called to the man in linen, and said to him,

4 Put a mark on the foreheads of the men that sigh and cry about the abominations.

5 Then he said to the other men,

Go through the city and kill everyone. Don't spare or have pity on anyone.

6 Kill everyone: young, old, little children, and women, except for men who have the mark on their foreheads. Start in the temple by killing all the elders.

7 Defile my house by dumping the dead bodies in the courtyard.

And the men went through the city killing people.

8 While they were doing that, I fell on my face and said to God,

OMG! Will you in your fury kill everyone in Jerusalem?

9 God said

Yes, they deserve it, because they said, "God has forsaken the earth and can't see."

10 So I won't spare or have pity on any of them.

11 And the man in linen with the writing instruments said to God, "I've done what you commanded."

Oh wheel!

10 1 I looked up and saw a sapphire throne appear in the sky.

2 God said to a man in linen, "Go between the wheels and scatter hot coals over the city."

So he did that.

4 Then the glory of the Lord stood over the house.

9-11 I saw wheels and wheels within wheels.

12 Their entire bodies were covered with eyes.

13 I heard someone cry out to the wheels, saying, "Oh wheel!"

14 Each body had four faces: the face of a cherub, man, lion, and eagle.

15 These are the same creatures that I saw before.

18 The glory of the Lord left the house and stood over the cherubim.

19 The cherubim, with the wheels beside them, flew over to the east gate of God's house. The glory of the Lord was above them.

20-21 The cherubim had four faces and four wings, with human hands under their wings.

A few more words about this episode

I saw what looked like God's loins. (8:2)
Ezekiel saw them before in chapter 1 (Episode 199)
A sapphire throne appear in the sky. (10:1)
So I guess the UFO from Ezekiel 1 has returned in chapter 10.
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