0 A virgin is found to give David some heat (1 Kings 1)

Episode 131: A virgin is found to give David some heat

1 Kings 1

1 1 King David was old and got no heat. 2 So his servants searched for a young virgin to cherish him and lie in his bosom. 3 They found a fair damsel named Abishag, who cherished the king and ministered to him. 4 But the king didn't have sex with her.

Adonijah tries to become king

5 David’s son, Adonijah said, "I will be king." And he prepared fifty men with chariots and horsemen. 6 David didn't seem to mind the idea. Adonijah was, after all, a very good-looking man. And he was also his oldest surviving son.

7 Joab and Abiathar supported Adonijah in his quest to become king. 8 But Zadok, Nathan, and David's mighty men opposed him. 9 Adonijah called all of his brothers and the men of Judah to a meeting. 10 But he didn't invite Nathan, the mighty men, or his brother Solomon.

Bathsheba makes Solomon king

11 Nathan said to Bathsheba,

Go to David and say to him,

13 Didn't you swear to me that Solomon would be king after you?

Why then is Adonijah king?

15 So Bathsheba went to see David. When she arrived, Abishag was ministering to him.

17 Bathsheba said,

You swore to God that my son Solomon would be king after you.

18 But Adonijah is king, and you don't even know it.

19 Adonijah has called a meeting with all your sons, along with Abiathar and Joab. But he didn't invite Solomon.

20 Everyone in Israel is waiting for you to tell them who the next king will be. If you don't do so, Solomon and I will be called traitors.

30 David said, "I swear to God that Solomon will be king after me."

32 David asked to see Zadok, Nathan, and Benaiah. 33 When they arrived, David said to them,

Put Solomon on a mule that will carry him to Gihon.

34 When Solomon's mule arrives in Gihon, have Zadok and Nathan anoint him king of Israel.

Then blow a trumpet and say, "God save King Solomon."

38 So they put Solomon on a mule that carried him to Gihon.

39 Zadok anointed Solomon, they blew a trumpet, and all the people said, "God save King Solomon."

40 Everyone piped with pipes and rejoiced with joy, so much that it caused an earthquake!

41-43 Adonijah and his guests heard the earthquake, and someone came in to tell them the news:

David has made Solomon king.

They even made him ride on David's mule.

49 All the guests at Adonijah's party were afraid. Each left going his own way.

50 Adonijah grabbed on to the horns of the altar, and said,

I won't let go until king Solomon swears he won't kill me.

52 Solomon said,

If he's worthy, I won't kill him.

But if he's wicked, I will.

53 So Adonijah let go of the horns and came to visit Solomon.

Solomon said to him, "Go home."

A few more words about this episode

Adonijah was David's oldest surviving son. (1:6)
Amnon was David's first son, but he was killed by his third son, Absalom, who was killed when he tried to replace David as king. Chileab was David's second son (2 Sam 3:3), but he is never mentioned again after his birth. No one knows what happened to him, but he may have died before David. So Adonijah, David's fourth son, was (probably) David's oldest son at the end of his reign.
Wikipedia: Sons of David
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