0 Additions to the Book of Daniel : Cruelty & Violence

The two elders arose, and ran to her, and said ... we are in love with thee: wherefore consent to us, and lie with us. 13:19

Trivia: What was the name of the Babylonian idol that was fed every day 12 measures of flour, 40 sheep, and 60 vessels of wine?

Additions to the Book of Daniel : Cruelty & Violence (4)

  1. As they walked in the midst of the flames, they all praised God. Asarias opened his mouth and began to pray, saying, "We deserve to be burned alive by you." 3:24-27
  2. Sacrifice us as though we were rams, bullocks, or fat lambs. 3:40
  3. The king's servants who had cast them in continued to heat the furnace with brimstone, pitch, and dry sticks. And the flame rose to a height of 49 cubits, until it poured out and burned the Chaldeans who stood nearby. 3:46-48
  4. For eating the idol Bel's food and drinking its wine, the Babylonian king killed the priests, their wives, and their children. 14:19-20

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