0 Doctrine & Covenants( Section 104) : Injustice

A trump shall sound ... and all the earth shall quake, and they shall ccome forth 29:13

Trivia: Who did Jesus command to pay for the printing of the Book of Mormon?

Doctrine & Covenants ( Section 104) : Injustice (5)

  1. I have cursed those who were not faithful with a very sore and grievous curse. 104:3
  2. I will curse anyone who belongs to the order and breaks its covenant. They will be trampled on by whomever I want. 104:5
  3. If you're guilty, you can't escape my wrath in your lives. 104:8
  4. You can't escape Satan either. 104:9
  5. Anyone member of the order who transgresses will be delivered to Satan. 104:10

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