0 Doctrine & Covenants( Section 138) : Absurdity

Require not miracles, except I shall command you, except casting out devils, healing the sick, and against poisonous serpents, and against deadly poisons ... And these things ye shall not do, except it be required of you by them who desire it. 24:13

Trivia: Who is the Son Ahman?

Doctrine & Covenants ( Section 138) : Absurdity (13)

  1. As I pondered on these things, the spirit of the Lord rested on me, and I saw many dead people. 138:11
  2. They were all happily waiting for the Son of God to enter the spirit world. 138:15
  3. Their spirits and bodies were to be reunited. 138:17
  4. Then, while the dead people were talking and waiting around, the Son of God appeared. 138:18
  5. And he preached to them. 138:19
  6. But he stayed away from the wicked, ungodly, and unrepentant, wo had deviled themselves in the flesh. 138:20
  7. The dead saints rejoiced and sang. 138:23
  8. This is the way the gospel was preached to dead people. 138:32
  9. Joseph Smith and my father, Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and others built temples where dead people can be baptized. 138:53
  10. They were also among the dead people that I saw. 138:55
  11. They learned things even before they were born in the spirit world. 138:56
  12. And I saw elders preach to the spirits of the dead. 138:57
  13. After the dead people are washed clean, they'll be rewarded for their works. 138:59

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