0 Doctrine & Covenants( Section 104) : Absurdity

Doctrine & Covenants ( Section 104) : Absurdity (10)

  1. You can't escape Satan either. 104:9
  2. Anyone member of the order who transgresses will be delivered to Satan. 104:10
  3. I've given Joseph Smith, Jun. the lot for my house, which is 660 feet long and 198 feet long.  This is also where his father lives. 104:43
  4. You are dissolved as a united order. 104:53
  5. All of the properties are mine. 104:55
  6. It will be called the sacred treasury of the Lord. 104:66
  7. Money will go into the Lord's treasury by hundreds, fifties, twenties, tens, or by fives. 104:68
  8. If you humble yourselves before me, I'll soften th hearts of those who loaned you the money. 104:80
  9. So write to New York [10] that will be dictated by my Spirit. I'll soften the hearts of those to whom you owe money. 104:81
  10. You'll obtain loans of hundreds or thousands - it's your priviledge. 104:84

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