0 Doctrine & Covenants( Section 100) : Absurdity

I will bless all those who ... believe on his [Joseph Smith's] words. 21:9

Trivia: In Section 41, God commanded the church to build a house for someone. Who was that person?

Doctrine & Covenants ( Section 100) : Absurdity (4)

  1. Joseph and Sidney, your families are well. They're in my hands. I'll do to them whatever seems good to me. I have all the power. 100:1
  2. There's a lot of people around here. And a door will be opened in the eastern land. 100:3
  3. Here's a commandment for you: Say whatever you say in my name. 100:7
  4. If you do this, the Holy Ghost will be shed forth. 100:8

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