0 53. The Star : Absurdity

A guess can never take the place of the truth. 53:28

Trivia: Allah is the Lord of what star?

53. The Star : Absurdity (12)

  1. By the star when it sets, your comrade [Muhammad] never makes a mistake and is never deceived. 53:1-2
  2. Muhammad doesn't speak because he wants to speak. 53:3-4
  3. Muhammad is inspired by an inspiration from a vigorous, mighty power that appeared on the horizon. 53:5-7
  4. He came to within two bow's lengths. And he revealed to his slave [Muhammad] what he revealed. 53:9-10
  5. Muhammad's not lying about what he saw. Are you going to argue with him? 53:11-12
  6. Muhammad saw him again once by the lote-tree, which grows in the Gardon of Abode. 53:13-14
  7. Have you thought about Al-Lat, Al-'Uzza, and Manat lately? 53:19-20
  8. Are yours males and his females? 53:21
  9. Those who disbelieve in the hereafter have female angels. 53:27
  10. He [Allah?] is the Lord of Sirius. 53:49
  11. This is a warner of the old-time warners. 53:56
  12. The threatened hour is coming soon. 53:57

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