0 39. The Troops : Cruelty & Violence

Take pleasure in thy disbelief a while. Lo! thou art of the owners of the Fire. 39:8

Trivia: How many kinds of cattle did Allah provide for you?

39. The Troops : Cruelty & Violence (14)

  1. Tell the disbelievers to enjoy themselves now, because later they will be owners of the Fire. 39:8
  2. Those who disobey Allah should fear his doom. 39:13
  3. The losers will be those who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. They will be surrounded by fire. 39:15-16
  4. No one will be able to help those that Allah torments in the Fire. 39:19
  5. "Wrong-doers" will be taunted while suffering in an "awful doom." 39:24
  6. The doom will come upon those who deny what Allah has revealed. 39:25
  7. Allah will make non-believers "taste humiliation in the life of the world" and " the doom of the Hereafter" which will be even worse. 39:26
  8. The worst thing you can do is tell a lie against Allah. The home of disbelievers is hell. 39:32
  9. "On whom there falleth everlasting doom." 39:40
  10. "They ... will seek to ransom themselves ... from the awful doom." 39:47
  11. Surrender to Allah before he sends the doom upon you suddenly. 39:54-55
  12. Disbelievers had their chance to believe. They will all suffer in an endless doom. 39:56-59
  13. Those who lie about Allah will be sent to hell and will have their faces blackened. 39:60
  14. Those who disbelieve will be driven into hell. 39:71-72

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