0 25. The Criterion : Absurdity

It will be a hard day for disbelievers. On the day when the wrong 25:26


25. The Criterion : Absurdity (4)

  1. Those who disbelieve say: This is naught but a lie that he hath invented ... And they say: Fables of the men of old. 25:4-5
  2. "Say: Is that doom better or the Garden of Immortality?" 25:15
  3. "And (the tribes of) A'ad and Thamud, and the dwellers in Ar-Rass, and many generations in between." 25:38

    No one knows anything about any of these people. (But Allah proudly killed them all.)

  4. "When they see thee (O Muhammad) they treat thee only as a jest (saying): Is this he whom Allah sendeth as a messenger?" 25:41

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