0 30. The Romans : Absurdity

Thus doth Allah seal the hearts of those who know not. 30:59


30. The Romans : Absurdity (6)

  1. Allah produces creation, then he reproduces it. 30:11
  2. Allah makes dead people live and live people dead. 30:19
  3. Allah causes you to die, then he brings you back to life. Can any of his so-called partners do that? 30:40
  4. Allah quickened the earth after it died. He's the Quickener of the Dead. 30:50
  5. If we [Allah] sent a wind and colored it yellow, disbelievers still wouldn't believe. 30:51
  6. Allah coined all kinds of sumulitudes in the Quran. If you showed them a miracle, the disbelievers would say, "You are just tricksters!" 30:58

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