0 SAQ 101. The Calamity 101
The Calamity: A hungry mother and a raging fire
CrueltyInjusticeAbsurdity 101:1-11

1The Calamity!

2What is the Calamity?

3Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Calamity is!

The calamity!

What is the calamity?

4A day wherein mankind will be as thickly-scattered moths

5And the mountains will become as carded wool.

6 Then, as for him whose scales are heavy (with good works),

7 He will live a pleasant life.

It's a day when humans will be

like thickly-scattered moths

8 But as for him whose scales are light,

9A bereft and Hungry One will be his mother,

10Ah, what will convey unto thee what she is! -

11Raging Fire.

Those whose scales are light

will have hungry mothers,

and will be engulfed by a raging fire.


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