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The Gadites ... whose faces were like the faces of lions, and were as swift as the roes upon the mountains. 1 Chronicles 12:8

Trivia: How many men did God help Abijah kill?

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(David Henson, Wed 21 Feb 2024, 04:43:09)

Biblically speaking it doesn't matter if abortion is murder or not, either you do or do not follow the Bible which is clear on the sacredness of life and the importance of filling the earth. The Bible wasn't meant to apply to those outside of ancient Israel or the Christian congregation. The subject is politicized by apostate Christians and militant atheists. The absence of the Hebrew word lah, meaning to her, indicates the verses apply to both the unborn child and the woman. Vows to God didn't constitute value, evident by the obvious fact that the application of those didn't justify murder to other age groups listed. To curse means to desire, threaten or pronounce something bad on someone or something, in scripture often a result of disobedience. God killing fetuses isn't justification of abortion any more than God killing men, women and children does. God kills everyone. Bathsheba's unborn child would have been destroyed along with David and herself according to the Law of Moses, but due to God's covenant with David they were spared. The curse of Jealousy (Bitter Water) resulted in female infertility. The wife needn't have been pregnant. The same applies to the priest's daughter acting as a prostitute. See more in this response.

PS: There seems to be an error at 13:11, given as a reference for God's approval of assault on pregnant women?

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