Deuteronomy: Prophecy

  1. God says that the Israelites will destroy all of the peoples they encounter. But he was unable to keep his promise. 7:1, 7:23-24, 31:3
  2. God's favorite people will never be infertile (neither will their cows!) and will never get sick. (God will send infertility and diseases on the other guys.) 7:14-15
  3. Prophets and dreamers are to be executed if they say or dream the wrong things. 13:1-5
  4. Who is the prophesied prophet? 18:18
  5. False prophets are to be (you guessed it) executed. How do you know who is a false prophet? By whether or not their predictions come true. (Watch out Jehovah's Witnesses!) 18:20
  6. Misquoted in Rom.10:8. 30:14
  7. Choose life (!) 30:19