1 Nephi: Cruelty

  1. The Spirit of the Lord "constrained" Nephi to murder Laban as he lay passed out on the ground. 4:10
  2. But the Spirit had to tell Nephi again. 4:11
  3. And a third time, reminding Nephi that God kills people too (so it must be OK) and besides, it's better that one person die than a whole nation dwindle in unbelief. 4:12-13
  4. So Nephi (finally) obeys the Spirit by grabbing Laban by the hair and chopping off his head with his own sword. 4:18
  5. God's wrath is on the Native Americans who were slaughtered by the Europeans. 13:14
  6. God inspired the Europeans (who "were white, and exceedingly fair and beautiful" just like Nephi's descendants before the evil, dark-skinned Lamanites killed them all ) to slaughter the Native Americans. 13:15
  7. If you're a gentile, you've only got two choices: become a Mormon or fall into the Catholic pit that leads to hell. 14:5-6
  8. The angel tells Nephi that the lamb of God (Jesus) says that the time will come (2423 years later) when a 17 year old treasure digger from New York (Joseph Smith) will find some golden plates and translate them by staring into his hat at some magic rocks and thereby produce the "great and marvelous work" that we now know as the Book of Mormon. This book is, according to the angel, the best and most important book by far that you, me, or anyone else will ever read. And we'll be tortured forever after we die unless we believe it. 14:7
  9. God hated pretty much everyone on earth (they were all just a bunch of Catholics to him) until the Mormons showed up. 14:15-17
  10. There's an "awful gulf" that separates the wicked from the saints. 15:28
  11. There's an "awful hell" prepared for the wicked. 15:29
  12. There's an "awful hell" prepared by the devil. 15:35
  13. God destroys entire nations of "wicked" people and curses the land for their sakes. 17:37-38
  14. Among many other things, Nephi told his brothers that God punishes complainers by sending fiery flying serpents to bite and kill them. (See Numbers 21:6) 17:41
  15. God will force people to eat their own flesh and drink their own blood. 21:26
  16. The members of "the great and abominable church" (the whore of all the earth) will kill each other and get drunk on their own blood. 22:13
  17. All those that fight again Zion (Mormonism), like "that great whore, that great and abominable church" will be destroyed. 22:14
  18. The day is soon coming when God's wrath will be poured out and all proud, wicked people will be burned. 22:16-17