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Genesis: Trivia Questions

  1. After Cain killed Abel, what did God say would happen to anyone who killed Cain?
  2. What did God tell Abraham to do with his first son, Ishmael?
  3. In Genesis 4, why did Cain became so angry that he killed his brother Abel?
  4. Why did God create the animals?
  5. Who was the King of Babel?
  6. Abraham bargained with God about how many righteous people it would take to keep God from killing everyone in Sodom. God finally agreed to what number?
  7. Which two Bible books begin with the words "In the beginning"?
  8. In Genesis 22, Why did God bless Abraham?
  9. Who had sex with his daughter-in-law and then said she should be burned to death?
  10. What was the curse of Cain?
  11. What did God call the first man and woman that he created?
  12. In Genesis 34, what did Jacob's sons do while the males in Shechem's town were recovering from circumcision?
  13. How old was Abraham when he was circumcised?
  14. Who built the first city mentioned in the Bible?
  15. How did God punish Abemelech for believing Abraham's lie about Sarah?
  16. Who made the first clothes?
  17. Which of Jacob's sons had sex with his father's concubine?
  18. Who was cursed with slavery because his father saw his grandfather drunk and naked?
  19. What just and righteous man got drunk and impregnated his two virgin daughters?
  20. Why did God decide to destroy man and beast in the flood?
  21. Who said, "Give me children, or else I die?"
  22. After the flood, what was the only thing that God told Noah not to eat?
  23. Who was the first drunk and naked preacher of righteousness?
  24. Why did God kill Er?
  25. How did God punish Eve?
  26. What was the first thing that Noah did after getting off of the ark?
  27. Who was the first human to kill an animal in the Bible?
  28. Who had sex with women to produce a race of giants?
  29. Why did God curse the ground?
  30. How old was Ishmael when he was circumcised?
  31. Why did God change Jacob's name to Israel?
  32. How did God know that Adam had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
  33. Why did God confound language at the Tower of Babel?
  34. Who had sex with Leah by mistake?
  35. Who made his wife lie two times to save his own skin?
  36. What did God say would have happened to Adam and Eve if they ate from the tree of life?
  37. How did Leah use mandrakes?
  38. Why did God put a mark on Cain?
  39. According to Genesis 6:4, where did "the mighty men which were of old" come from?
  40. Which of Israel's sons did he love the most?
  41. How did the animals get their names?
  42. Who was the first person to never die?
  43. How old was Noah when he died?
  44. How old was Noah when his three sons were born?
  45. How old was Noah when the flood began?
  46. Why did God kill Onan?
  47. Who was the first polygamist in the Bible?
  48. Who was the only just and perfect preacher of righteousness?
  49. When did God repent for the first time?
  50. What just and righteous man offered his daughters to a crowd of angel rapers?
  51. Who saw his father drunk and naked?
  52. How did God punish the serpent for beguiling Eve?
  53. What did God do on the seventh day of creation?
  54. Who told Abram (Abraham) to have sex with his wife's slave girl?
  55. Which of the following women told her husband to have sex with her slave girl: Sarah, Rachel, or Leah?
  56. Who bought his brother's birthright with bread and lentil stew?
  57. What is the prefered way to swear in Genesis?
  58. Why do thorns and thistles exist?
  59. Who was the first person to plant a vineyard, make wine, and get drunk?
  60. Why did God create a woman?
  61. Why did God open Leah's womb?
  62. Who told the first lie in the Bible?

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