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The second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. Revelation 16:3

Trivia: In John's vision of Jesus in Revelation 1, what did Jesus hold in his right hand?

SAB: Trivia Questions


  1. What was the place called where Joshua circumcised the Israelites the second time?
  2. What was the name of the harlot that Joshua's spies visited in Jericho?
  3. Who did Joshua say should not be killed in the city of Jericho?
  4. What happened to the men who left Egypt during the Exodus?
  5. What did Joshua say the Israelites should keep away from during the Jericho massacre?
  6. How did God help Joshua fight the Amorites at Gibeon?
  7. Why did God harden the hearts of Joshua's enemies in Joshua 11?
  8. In Joshua 5:2, God told Joshua to make some sharp knives and do what with them?
  9. In Joshua 10, what did Joshua tell his captains to do to the five captured kings?
  10. What did Joshua write on stones on mount Ebal?
  11. What did God tell Joshua to do after the Israelites crossed the Jordan River in Joshua 4?
  12. JUDGES

  13. What did God send between Abemelech and the men of Shechem?
  14. What did Gideon make that all of Israel went a whoring after?
  15. In Judges 1, why couldn't God drive out the inhabitants of the valley?
  16. Who had thirty sons that rode on thirty donkeys?
  17. How did Samson quench his thirst in Judges 15:19?
  18. How many did Samson kill in his suicide terrorist attack?
  19. What did Gideon do to the men of Succoth?
  20. Who killed seventy of his brothers on one stone?
  21. What did Gideon do when the spirit of the Lord came upon him?
  22. How many sons did Gideon have?
  23. Who killed 600 Philistines with an ox goad??
  24. Who is called "blessed among women" in Judges 5?
  25. In Judges 19, what did the Levite do to the body of his dead concubine
  26. What did the Israelites to do king Adonibezek when they captured him?
  27. How many men did Samson kill (for their clothes) when the spirit of the Lord came upon him?
  28. Who sacrificed his daughter to God as a burnt offering?
  29. What was the first test that Gideon gave to God?
  30. Why did God tell Gideon to reduce the size of his army?
  31. How did God tell Gideon to select his soldiers?
  32. What was the second test that Gideon gave to God?
  33. What was Samson's riddle?
  34. In Judges 12, 42,000 men were killed for failing to correctly prounounce what word?
  35. What was the name of the angel who made Samson's barren mom pregnant?
  36. What woman pounded a nail through a sleeping man's skull?
  37. What did Samson find in the carcass of a lion?
  38. In Judges, when the Israelites do evil in the sight of the Lord, how does God respond?
  39. What judge had forty sons and thirty nephews who rode on seventy donkeys?
  40. In Judges 15, Samson caught 300 foxes. What did he do with them?
  41. How many men did Samson kill with the jawbone of an ass?

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