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  1. In Psalm 46, what happened when God uttered his voice?
  2. Who taught David's hands to war?
  3. Who is God's washpot?
  4. In Psalm 75, who is holding a cup of red wine?
  5. According to Psalm 68, what is God's name?

  7. What will happen to those who are abhorred of the Lord?
  8. What bites like a serpent and stings like an adder?
  9. Who has an evil eye?
  10. Whose bread should you not eat?
  11. Who will be made fat?
  12. Where do a strange woman's feet go?
  13. What should you do with foolish children?
  14. What should you do to keep your children out of hell?
  15. Whose house is the way to hell?
  16. What will those who trouble their own house inherit?
  17. What will happen to liberal souls?
  18. Whose prayer is an abomination to God?
  19. Who shall be a ransom for the righteous?
  20. Whose eye will be picked out by ravens and eaten by eagles?
  21. Who is simple, clamorous, and knows nothing?
  22. Who causes sorrow?
  23. What should you do to people who lack understanding?
  24. Who winks with their eyes, speak with their feet, and teach with their fingers?
  25. Who has woe, sorrow, contentions, babbling, redness of the eyes, and wounds without cause?

  27. According to Ecclesiastes, what color should your clothes always be?
  28. According to Ecclesiastes 4, what does a fool do when he folds his hands together?
  29. According to Ecclesiastes, what should you always have on your head?
  30. On which side is the heart of a wise person?
  31. According to Ecclesiastes 9, what do dead people know?
  32. According to Ecclesiastes, what is better than a dead lion?

  34. What is the best tree in the world according to the Song of Solomon?
  35. What are a woman's breasts compared to in the Song of Solomon?
  36. ISAIAH

  37. According to Isaiah 45, who is God's anointed?
  38. Who did God give a name to that was better than the name of any son or daughter?
  39. According to Isaiah 66, what is like cutting off a dog's neck?
  40. According to Isaiah 56, who will God give an everlasting name?
  41. Who created evil?
  42. According to Isaiah 14, what will come out of the fruit of a cockatrice?
  43. According to Isaiah 56, who will God give his house to?
  44. Who is the husband of barren women?

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