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SAB: Trivia Questions


  1. How did God punish Jehoram for making everyone in Judah commit fornication?
  2. Who killed Jeroboam?
  3. Who did God strike with leprosy for burning incense without a license?
  4. How many animals did Solomon sacrifice at Gibeon?
  5. Who waxed mighty and married 18 wives?
  6. How many animals did Hezekiah sacrifice after cleaning God's house?
  7. What king had 18 wives and 60 concubines?
  8. EZRA

  9. Who is called king of kings in the book of Ezra?
  10. Why did Ezra pull out the hairs on his head and beard?

  12. Why did Nehemiah pluck out the hair of Israelite men?
  13. Who caused Solomon to sin?
  14. ESTHER

  15. What Queen was deposed for refusing to appear (naked?) in front of the king's drunken guests?
  16. Which book of the Bible is completely godless (doesn't mention God)?
  17. How did Esther become queen?
  18. What book did King Ahasuerus ask to be read to him to help him fall asleep?
  19. JOB

  20. What did Job's wife tell him to do to retain his integrity?
  21. Who sewed sackcloth to his skin and defiled his horn in the dust?
  22. Who says among the trumpets, "Ha Ha"?
  23. Who hated Job and gnashed him with his teeth?
  24. Who cursed the day he was born?
  25. Who moved God to destroy Job without cause?
  26. Who wouldn't let Job breathe?
  27. What creature's strength is in his loins and force in his navel?
  28. Who did God grab by the neck and shake to pieces?
  29. There once was a perfect man who lived in the land of Uz. What was his name?
  30. Who escaped by the skin of his teeth?
  31. Who did God fill with wrinkles?
  32. PSALMS

  33. Whose loins were filled with a loathsome disease?
  34. According to the Psalms, who belches out with their mouth?
  35. How many chariots does God have?
  36. According to the Psalms, who makes a noise like a dog?
  37. According to Psalm 18, what came out of God's mouth?
  38. According to Psalm 18, what came out of God's nostrils?
  39. According to Psalm 18, what is God's secret place?
  40. In Psalm 46, what happened when God uttered his voice?
  41. Who taught David's hands to war?
  42. Who is God's washpot?
  43. According to the Psalms, what might happen to you if you don't kiss the son?
  44. What does the fool say in his heart?
  45. According to Psalm 68, what is God's name?

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