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Moab is my washpot; over Edom will I cast out my shoe. Psalms 60:8

Trivia: What does the fool say in his heart?

Contradictions in the The Quran

    Is Iblis an angel or a jinn?

    Is Allah kind and merciful?

    Who sends disbelievers astray?

    Did Allah destroy the sight and hearing of nonbelievers?

    Which was created first, heaven or earth?

    Will all Jews and Christians go to hell?

    How should Jews and Christians be treated?

    Is slavery OK?

    Does Allah make distinctions between His messengers?

    Can a man treat his wives fairly?

    Is each person free to believe (or disbelieve) whatever he or disbelieve) whatever he or she wishes?

    Can Allah do anything?

    Who chooses the devils to be the friends of disbelievers?

    Who was the first Muslim?

    How many angels fought for Muhammad?

    Does Allah lead people astray?

    Have some of the verses in the Quran been abrogated?

    Did Pharaoh's wizards believe in Moses and Allah?

    How long did it take to create the heavens and the earth?

    Does Allah send down angels?

    Does Iblis mislead Muslims?

    How many angels talked to Mary?

    When did the people repent for worshiping the golden calf?

    Did one of Noah's sons die in the flood?

    What was man created from?

    Does everyone obey Allah?

    How long is Allah's day?

    Could Allah have a son?

    Will Allah forgive all sins?

    Was Pharaoh drowned or saved?

    Is it okay to drink alcohol?

    Does Allah ask for a fee?

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