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So I bought her to me for fifteen pieces of silver, and for an homer of barley, and an half homer of barley. 3:2

Trivia: What did Hosea 13 say would happen to the Samaritans for rebelling against God?

Hosea : Language (11)

  1. God tells Hosea to commit adultery, saying "take ... a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms" because the land has "committed great whoredom." So Hosea did as God commanded and "took" a wife named Gomer. 1:2-3
  2. God (or Hosea?) tells his children that their mother is a whore who is not his wife. He asks them to tell their mother to "put away her whoredoms" and "her adulteries from between her breasts" or he'll "strip her naked ... and slay her with thirst." 2:2-3
  3. God "will not have mercy upon ... the children of whoredoms. For their mother hath played the harlot." 2:4-5
  4. Committing whoredom by going a whoring with the spirit of whoredom. 4:10
  5. If you misbehave, God will make your daughters "commit whoredom" and your wife "commit adultery." 4:13
  6. Even more whoredom! "They have committed whoredom continually." 4:14-18
  7. "O Ephraim, thou committest whoredom." 5:3
  8. "The spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them." 5:4
  9. "They commit lewdness." 6:9
  10. "There is the whoredom of Ephraim." 6:10
  11. Israel has "gone a whoring" and has "loved a reward upon every cornfloor." 9:1

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