0 When to stone to death your whole family (Dt 13-19)

Episode 72: When to stone to death your whole family

(Deuteronomy 13-19)

Kill dreamers and prophets whose signs and wonders come true

13 1 If there is a prophet or dreamer among you who gives you a sign or a wonder, 2 and that sign or wonder comes to pass, and he asks you to follow other gods which you haven't known, 3 don't listen to him. God has sent him to test you to see whether you love him.

5 And you must kill that prophet or dreamer.

Kill your family and friends if they try to change your religious beliefs

6 If your brother, son, daughter, wife, or friend asks you to serve another god, one which you haven't known,

8 Don't agree with him, or pity, or spare, or conceal him.

9 Rather, you must kill him. Your hand must be the first to strike him, and then the rest of the people.

10 You must stone him with stones until he is dead.

11 So that everyone will hear and fear, and there will be no more wickedness among you.

If a city has people who believe in other gods, kill everyone in that city

12-13 If you hear of a city where people say, "Let's serve other gods", gods that you haven't known, investigate to see if it is true.

15 If you find that it is true, kill everyone in the city (even the cattle) and burn it down.

17 By so doing, God's fierce anger will turn away from you and he will be merciful to you.

The Israelites are God's favorite people

14 1 Don’t cut yourself or shave between your eyes for dead people.

2 You are a holy people to God. He likes you better than everyone else on earth.

3-21 What you may and may not eat

22 Tithes

15 1-6 The sabbatical year

Lend money to the poor

7 Lend to poor Israelites.

11 There will always be poor people. Be generous to them.

12-18 Rules for slave owners

19-23 Rules for sacrificing first-born males

16 1-17 Feast days

Judges and officers

18-20 Judges and officers should strive to be impartial and should never take a bribe.

Groves and images

21-22 Don't plant a grove of trees near an altar of set up any image that God hates.

Stone to death anyone who worships another god

17 2 Stone to death those who have religious beliefs that are different from your own.

6 You must have two witnesses to stone someone to death.

7 When someone is stoned to death, the witnesses must throw the first stones. Then everyone else joins in.

Kill those who will not listen to a priest or a judge

8 When you can't figure out what to do, ask a priest or a judge.

10 Do whatever they tell you to do.

12 Whoever refuses to do what a priest or judge tells them to do must be killed.

The king is chosen by God (and must not be a foreigner)

14-15 God will choose the king to rule over you. Don’t allow a foreigner to be king.

16-17 The king must not have too many horses, wives, or silver and gold.

18 1-8 Priests and Levites

Wizards, witches, and astrologers are abominations to God

10 No one among you shall make his sons and daughters pass through the fire.

11 Wizards, witches, astrologers, and necromancers shall not be tolerated among you.

12 Because they are abominations to God.

A prophet like Moses

15 God will raise up a prophet like me (Moses) from among you. Obey him.

Kill false prophets

20 Any prophet who presumes to speak words that I haven't commanded him to speak must be killed.

21 If you say, "How will we know if it's what God has spoken?"

22 Here’s the answer: If the thing he says comes true, it's from God. If not, it’s not. Don't be afraid of him.

19 1-13 Cities of refuge and the avenger of blood

Landmarks and witnesses

14 Don't remove your neighbor's landmark.

15 Two or more witnesses are required to establish guilt for any crime.

18-19 Do unto false witnesses as the criminals intended to do to their victims.

20-21 And eye for an eye

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A prophet like Moses (18:15)
Christians say this refers to Jesus; Muslims say it's Muhammad; and Mormons say it's Joseph Smith.
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