0 Twelve spies and a revolt against Moses (Num 13-14)

Episode 59: Twelve spies and a revolt against Moses

(Numbers 13-14)

13 1 God said to Moses,

2 Send men to search the land of Canaan, one man from each tribe of Israel.

3 So Moses sent twelve men, one from each tribe, to spy on the land of Canaan, 18 with these instructions:

See the land. Find out who dwells there, and if they are strong or weak, few or many.

21 So the twelve spies went to search the land.

A land of giants!

25 The twelve spies returned from searching the land after forty days. 23 While there, they found a single cluster of grapes that was so heavy it took two men to carry it.

26 They reported to Moses, saying,

The land flows with milk and honey.

27 But the people are strong, and the cities are walled.

28 And we saw the children of Anak there.

30 But Caleb, who was one of the spies, said,

Let’s go possess the land. We can do it.

31 The other spies said,

32 We won't be able to fight against them; they are giants and stronger than us.

33 We are like grasshoppers to them.

14 1 After hearing the spies report, the people wept all night, and said,

2 We wish to God that we had died in Egypt or in the wilderness!

3 Why did God bring us into this land, where we’ll die by the sword and our children will be preyed upon?

4 Let's choose a captain and return to Egypt.

5 Moses and Aaron fell on their faces, 6 while Joshua and Caleb rent their clothes and said,

7 The land is exceedingly good. 9 Don't rebel against God. God is with us. Don't fear the people of the land.

10 The people wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb. But then the glory of the Lord appeared to them.

God threatens to kill everyone

11 God said to Moses,

How long will these people provoke me?

12 I’ll kill them all with a pestilence, and make from you new people, stronger than them.

Moses talks him out of it (again)

13 Moses said to God,

15 If you kill them, the Egyptians will hear about it. Then they'll tell everyone, and everyone will say,

16 He wasn't able to bring his people into the promised land, so he killed them in the wilderness.

18 You are longsuffering, merciful, and forgiving, punishing children for what their fathers did three and four generations before they existed.

19 Pardon the people according to your mercy.

God decides to kill them later

20 God said to Moses,

Okay, I've pardoned them, as you've asked.

22 But they have all seen my glory, and my miracles, and yet have tempted me ten times and haven't obeyed me. So they won’t see the promised land.

24 Except for Caleb. I’ll let him see it and his seed will possess it.

27 How long will I put up with this evil congregation? I’ve heard their murmurings against me.

28 Say to them,

I’ve heard with my own ears what you said.

29 All of you who are twenty years old and older will die in the wilderness for murmuring against me. 30 Not one of you will survive, except for Caleb and Joshua.

31 I'll let your children into the land which you have despised. 32 But your dead bodies will fall in this wilderness. 33 Your children will wander in the wilderness forty years. They’ll bear your whoredoms, while your bodies decay in the wilderness.

34 As the spies searched the land for forty days, so your children will wander in the wilderness for forty years -- a year for each day, they shall bear your iniquities. That will teach you -- and them.

35 I’ll do all this to this evil congregation.

God kills the ten honest spies

36God sent a plague to kill the ten honest scouts. 38 But he didn't kill Joshua and Caleb.

39 The Israelites mourned the deaths of the scouts that God killed.

41-42 Moses said to the people,

You’ll be killed by your enemies because you disobeyed God's commandment.

43 The Amalekites and Canaanites will kill you with the sword, because you turned away from God, so God will not be with you.

44 The people went up to the hilltop, without Moses or the ark of the covenant.

45 And the Amalekites and Canaanites smote them there.

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