0 I create evil (Isaiah 40-48)

Episode 185: I create evil

Isaiah 40-48

People are grass

40 1-4 God said,

Someone is crying in the wilderness, saying,

Prepare the way of the Lord.

Make a straight highway in the desert for God.

5 God's glory will be revealed, and everyone on earth will see it at the same time.

6 All flesh is grass, including humans.

7 God's spirit kills grass and flowers. People are grass, too.

22 God sits on the circle of the earth. He stretches out the heavens like a curtain, or a tent to dwell in.

28 He created the stars and knows them each by name.

41 1 Be quiet, you islands.

42 13 The Lord will go forth as a mighty man, a man of war. He will cry, roar, and defeat his enemies.

14 I've been quiet for a long time. But now I will cry like a woman in labor. I will destroy and devour. 15 I'll destroy mountains and their herbs. I'll dry up the rivers and lakes.

You are my witnesses

43 2 When you walk through the fire, you won't be burned.

3 Since I loved you (Israel), I gave Egypt, Ethiopia, and Seba as a ransom for you.

10 You are my witnesses. I am God. There was no god before me, and there won't be any after me. 11 I am the Lord, besides me there is no savior. 20 The beasts, dragons, and owls will honor me, because I give them water to drink.

Cyrus is God's shepherd

44 6 I am the only God, the first and the last.

8 Is there a god beside me? No there isn't. I don't know of a single one.

25 I make diviners mad and knowledge foolish.

27 I dry up oceans and rivers.

28 Cyrus is my shepherd.

Cyrus, the anointed

45 1 God said to Cyrus, his anointed,

I've held your right hand, and I'll loosen the loins of kings for you.

2 I'll go before you, making the crooked places straight.

4 I've even called you by name, though you don't know me.

I create evil

7 I form light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I the LORD do all these things.

22 I’m the savior. There is no other but me.

23 I swear by myself.

There's no one else here with me

46 9 I am God, there's no one else.

There's no one like me.

The nakedness of Babylon

47 1 Sit on the ground, virgin daughter of Babylon. No one will call you tender and delicate anymore. 2 Show your bare leg. Uncover your thigh. 3 Your nakedness will be uncovered.

11 Evil will come upon you.

13 Let your astrologers, stargazers, and fortune tellers save you. 14 They'll all be burned to death.

The first and the last

48 12 I’m the first and the last.

No peace for the wicked

13 I laid the foundation of the earth with one hand and spanned the heavens with the other. The stars stand up together when I call them.

14 I'll have my way with Babylon and smash the Chaldeans with my arm.

19 Your seed is like sand, and your offspring like gravel.

21 When the Israelites thirsted, God made water come out of a rock.

22 There's no peace for the wicked.

A few more words about this episode

Someone is crying in the wilderness (40:1)
Second Isaiah (or Deutero-Isaiah) begins with this verse. It includes chapters 40 through 55.
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