0 How to become a Nazarite (Num 6-10)

Episode 56: How to become a Nazarite

(Numbers 6-10)

6 1 God said to Moses,

2 When a man or woman decides to became a Nazarite, they must not drink wine, strong drink, vinegar, or grape juice, nor eat moist or dried grapes, or anything from a grape vine.

5-6 While they are Nazarites, they must not cut their hair or come close to any dead bodies.

9 If someone dies near a Nazarite, the Nazarite has defiled his consecration, and must shave his head seven days after being near the dead body.

10-11 A priest must then sacrifice two doves or pigeons for him - one for a sin offering and one for a burnt offering.

12 And a first-year lamb as a trespass offering.

14 And an unblemished male first-year lamb for a burnt offering, an unblemished female first-year lamb for a sin offering, and an unblemished ram for a peace offering.

18 The Nazarite will then shave his head and burn his hair as a peace offering.

19The priest will take the sodden shoulder of the ram, along with an unleavened cake and wafer, and put them in the hands of the Nazarite, after he has shaven.

20 Then the priest will wave them for a wave offering in front of me, with the wave breast and heave shoulder.

After that the Nazarite may drink wine.

21 This is the law of the Nazarite.

The priestly blessing

22 God said to Moses,

23 Bless the people this way:

24 May the Lord bless you and keep you.

25 May he make his face shine on you, and be gracious to you,

26 and give you peace.

Animal sacrifices when dedicating the altar

7 1 On the day Moses set up the tabernacle, the princes of Israel brought their offerings to God, which included six covered wagons and twelve oxen.

84 The total weight of the silver and gold offerings was 2400 and 120 shekels, respectively.

88 The total number of peace offerings was 24 bullocks, 60 rams, 60 male goats, and 60 first-year lambs.

8 1-4 How to light the lamps

God replaces firstborn Israelites with Levites

God said to Moses

14 Separate the Levites from the rest of the Israelites.

16 I have taken them instead of the firstborn of all the Israelites.

17 They became mine the day that I killed every firstborn in the land of Egypt.

18 I have replaced the firstborn Israelites with the Levites.

Early (and forced) retirement for Levites

24-25 All the Levites that are twenty five years old and older will serve in the tabernacle, until they are fifty when they will serve no more.

9 1-5 More about the Passover

6-14 Unclean Passover

(What to do if you are traveling or have touched an unclean body on the day of Passover)

15-23 A cloud by day, a fire at night

(A cloud covered the tabernacle during the day and a fire hovered over it at night. When the cloud moved, the Israelites moved. When it stayed, they stayed.)

Two silver trumpets

10 1 God said to Moses

2 Make two silver trumpets for calling the assembly.

8 Only priests can blow the trumpets. This is an ordinance forever.

9 If you go to war, blow an alarm with the trumpets. I will hear and save you from your enemies.

10 Blow the trumpets when your glad, on your solemn days, and at the beginning of every month. I am God.

10:11-36 The cloud of the Lord - and a meeting with Hobab (Or Jethro, or Ruel).

(Moses asked Hobab to go with them. But he refused.)

A few more words about this episode

Nazarite (6:2)
Two famous Nazarites in the Bible were Samuel and Samson. (Which we will hear much more about later.)

Wikipedia: Nazarite

2400 and 120 shekels (7:84)
This would be about 20 kg of silver and 1 kg of gold. [Today's value (24 March 2023): $752 and $64,000, respectively]
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