0 God sends snakes (Num 21)

Episode 63: God sends snakes

(Numbers 21)

The Israelites make a deal with God (Deliver the Canaanites to us and we’ll kill them)

21 2 The Israelites said to God,

If you deliver the Canaanites to us, we’ll destroy their cities.

3 So God delivered the Canaanites to the Israelites, and they destroyed them and their cities.

God sends snakes to bite the Israelites (for complaining)

5 The people spoke against God and Moses, saying,

Why did you make us leave Egypt to die in the wilderness?

There’s no bread or water, and we hate this light bread.

6 So God sent fiery serpents to bite the people. And many died.

7 The people came to Moses, and said,

We have sinned by criticizing you and God. Ask God to take away the serpents.

And Moses prayed for the people.

God tells Moses to make a fiery serpent

8 God said to Moses,

Make a fiery serpent and put it on a pole.

Whoever looks at it will live after being bit by a fiery serpent.

9 So Moses made a brass serpent and put it on a pole.

Whoever was bitten by a fiery serpent didn't die if they looked at it.

The journey from Obath (21:10-20)

The Israelites take many cities with the edge of the sword

21 The Israelites sent messengers to Sihon, king of the Amorites, saying,

22 Let us pass through your land. We won't trespass on your fields or vineyards, or drink water from your wells.

We'll stay on the king's highway until we leave your land.

23 But Sihon wouldn't let them pass through his land. He gathered all his people to fight against Israel.

24 So the Israelites smote Sihon with the edge of the sword, possessed his land, and took all of his cities.

God delivers Og into Moses's hands

33 The Israelites went through Bashan, and Og the king of Bashan fought against them.

34 God said to Moses,

Don't be afraid of Og; I’ve delivered him and all of his people into your hand.

35 So the Israelites killed him, his sons, and his people and possessed their land.

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