0 Ecclesiasticus / Sirach selected verses

Ecclesiasticus / Sirach: Selected Verses

  1. Support the old age of thy father ... And if his understanding fail, have patience with him.   3:14
  2. Seek not the things that are too high for thee, and search not into things above thy ability ... For it is not necessary for thee to see with thy eyes those things that are hid.   3:22
  3. In unnecessary matters be not over curious, and in many of his works thou shalt not be inquisitive.   3:24
  4. In nowise speak against the truth, but be ashamed of the lie of thy ignorance.   4:30
  5. Strive for justice for thy soul, and even unto death fight for justice,.   4:33
  6. Let not thy hand be stretched out to receive, and shut when thou shouldst give.   4:36

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