0 Ecclesiasticus / Sirach : Absurdity

In nowise speak against the truth, but be ashamed of the lie of thy ignorance. 4:30


Ecclesiasticus / Sirach : Absurdity (25)

  1. All wisdom is from God. 1:1
  2. There is one God who sits on a throne who everyone shouild fear. 1:8
  3. God created her (wisdom) with the Holy Ghost. 1:9
  4. It's good to fear God. 1:11
  5. Fearing God makes knowledge religious. 1:12
  6. Religious people are happy. 1:13
  7. Those who fear God are wise and begin to fear him before they are born 1:16
  8. Religious people are blessed when they die. 1:19
  9. Wise people fear God. 1:20
  10. Wisdom is an abomination to sinners. 1:26
  11. Those who are fearless cannot be justified. 1:28
  12. You are wicked and your heart is full of guile and deceit. 1:40
  13. Fear God and you'll be rewarded. 2:8
  14. No one who hopes in God is ever disappointed. 2:10
  15. Children listen to your father and you will be saved. 3:2
  16. If you honor your father your children will make you happy, and God will hear your prayers. 3:6
  17. If you honor your father you will have a long life. 3:7
  18. Those who anger their mother are cursed by God. 3:18
  19. Don't try to understand things that are above your ability. 3:22
  20. Because it's not necessary to see things that are hidden. 3:23
  21. Don't be curious about unnecessary things. 3:24
  22. Because many things can't be understood by humans. 3:25
  23. Don't follow your heart. 5:2
  24. If you fear God nothing bad will ever happen to you 33:1
  25. Noah was a just and perfect man. 44:17

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