0 Ecclesiasticus / Sirach : Absurdity

In unnecessary matters be not over curious, and in many of his works thou shalt not be inquisitive. For many things are shewn to thee above the understanding of men. 3:24


Ecclesiasticus / Sirach : Absurdity (25)

  1. All wisdom is from God. 1:1
  2. There is one God who sits on a throne who everyone shouild fear. 1:8
  3. God created her (wisdom) with the Holy Ghost. 1:9
  4. It's good to fear God. 1:11
  5. Fearing God makes knowledge religious. 1:12
  6. Religious people are happy. 1:13
  7. Those who fear God are wise and begin to fear him before they are born 1:16
  8. Religious people are blessed when they die. 1:19
  9. Wise people fear God. 1:20
  10. Wisdom is an abomination to sinners. 1:26
  11. Those who are fearless cannot be justified. 1:28
  12. You are wicked and your heart is full of guile and deceit. 1:40
  13. Fear God and you'll be rewarded. 2:8
  14. No one who hopes in God is ever disappointed. 2:10
  15. Children listen to your father and you will be saved. 3:2
  16. If you honor your father your children will make you happy, and God will hear your prayers. 3:6
  17. If you honor your father you will have a long life. 3:7
  18. Those who anger their mother are cursed by God. 3:18
  19. Don't try to understand things that are above your ability. 3:22
  20. Because it's not necessary to see things that are hidden. 3:23
  21. Don't be curious about unnecessary things. 3:24
  22. Because many things can't be understood by humans. 3:25
  23. Don't follow your heart. 5:2
  24. If you fear God nothing bad will ever happen to you 33:1
  25. Noah was a just and perfect man. 44:17

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