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Wisdom (Douay-Reims Bible)

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Dwindling in Unbelief

Wisdom: Absurdity

  1. The wisest words in the book of Wisdom are condemned by the book of Wisdom. 2:1-9
  2. You can tell who is the real son of God by what happens to him. God will not permit any harm to come to his true sons. (Therefore Jesus is not God's son.) 2:13-18

  3. "By the envy of the devil, death came into the world." 2:24
  4. Just people don't die. They just smell that way. 3:1-2
  5. Virgins, eunuchs, and infertile women are especially blessed by God. (God hates sex.) 3:13b-14
  6. "O how beautiful is the chaste generation." 4:1
  7. God gave humans dominion over all other living things. 9:2
  8. Sodom and Gomorrah are still smoking today, with trees that don't bear fruit, and a pillar of salt that looks just like Lot's wife. 10:7
  9. "Water was given them out of the high rock, and a refreshment of their thirst out of the hard stone." (Numbers 20:11) 11:4
  10. Instead of a fountain of an ever running river, thou gavest human blood to the unjust. (Exodus 17:17-24) 11:7
  11. God sent bears, lions, and unknown fire-breathing beasts, sending out stinking smoke or shooting sparks from their eyes. 11:16-20
  12. All non-believers are vain. They try to understand the world through science, ignoring the god who supposedly created it. 13:1
  13. There's just no excuse for non-believers. If they're so damned smart, how come they don't believe in the Jewish God? 13:8-9
  14. "That which is made, together with him that made it, shall suffer torments."
    God will somehow torment the art along with the artist. 14:10