9: Repentance

Cruelty and Violence
Family Values
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God's killings in the Bible

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Absurdity in Surah 9

  1. "Allah ... sent down host ye could not see."
    Allah sent down angels (I guess) to fight for him! (But they were invisible so no one could see them.) 9:26

  2. "The Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah." (Where and when did any Jew ever say that?) 9:30

  3. "They have taken as lords ... their rabbis and their monks."
    Jews and Christians consider rabbis and monks to be partners with God? How do Muslims treat Muhammad? 9:31

  4. Don't try to enjoy this life. The fun starts after you die. (If you are a good Muslim, that is.) 9:38

  5. "Ye cannot harm Him at all." 9:39

  6. Invisible armies!
    Allah supported Muhammad with armies that no one else could see. 9:40