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Cruelty and Violence
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Skeptic's Annotated Quran
Drunk With Blood:
God's killings in the Bible

by Steve Wells,
the creator of the SAB.

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Injustice in Surah 7

  1. How many a township have We destroyed! As a raid by night, or while they slept at noon, Our terror came unto them. 7:4-5

  2. Disbelievers lose their souls. 7:9

  3. Allah allows Iblis to lead people astray (and then sends them all to hell). 7:14-16

  4. Iblis claims that Allah sent him astray (and Allah doesn't deny it). 7:16

  5. Allah banishes Iblis and promises to fill hell with those who are mislead by him. 7:18

  6. Men and women are enemies! (Or is it humans and Iblis? Sometimes Allah isn't all that clear about these things.) 7:24

  7. Allah has made devils the protecting friends of disbeliveers. 7:27

  8. Disbelievers choose devils as protecting friends and believe they are rightly guided. 7:30

  9. Only believers go to heaven. 7:32

  10. Disbelievers are the rightful owners of the Fire. 7:36

  11. Disbelief is the greatest evil. 7:37

  12. Entire nations have entered the Fire. Some get a double torment. 7:38

  13. "Taste the doom for what ye used to earn." 7:39

  14. Disbelievers will be excluded from heaven. Theirs will be a bed of hell. 7:40-41

  15. Those in the fire will be taunted by those in the Garden. "So how's it going down there? Are you enjoying the warmth of the Fire?" 7:44

  16. Those in the Garden will plead with Allah not to be cast into the Fire. 7:47

  17. Those in the Fire will cry out to those in heaven, saying: "Pour water on us." But Allah has forbidden that to disbelievers. 7:50

  18. Those who forget Allah will be forgotten (sent to hell) on Judgement Day. 7:51

  19. Serve Allah or go to hell. 7:59

  20. Allah drowned everyone on earth (except Noah and his family) because they disbelieved. 7:64

  21. Disbelievers are liars. 7:66

  22. Those who believe incorrectly will face the terror and wrath of Allah. 7:71

  23. "We cut the root of those who denied Our revelations and were not believers." 7:72

  24. Allah killed the disbelievers with an earthquake. 7:78

  25. Allah killed everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah except Lot and his daughters.

  26. "So the earthquake seized them."
    Allah killed the disbelievers with an earthquake. 7:90-91

  27. "How can I sorrow for a people that rejected (truth)?"
    Shu'eyb tells the Allah's victims that they deserved to die for rejecting Islam. 7:93

  28. "We did afflict its folk with tribulation and adversity that haply they might grow humble." 7:94

  29. "Then We seized them unawares, when they perceived not."
    Unbelievers are never safe from Allah's wrath. 7:95-99

  30. Allah makes it so that some cannot be believers. 7:100-1

  31. "We straitened Pharaoh's folk with famine."
    Allah sent a famine on all of the Egyptians to punish Pharaoh. 7:130

  32. "So We sent against them the flood and the locusts and the vermin and the frogs and the blood - a succession of clear signs." 7:133

  33. "We drowned them in the sea: because they denied Our revelations." 7:136

  34. "We annihilated (all) that Pharaoh and his folk had done." 7:137

  35. Allah will destroy non-muslim cultures. 7:138-9

  36. Allah preferred Moses to all other humans. 7:144

  37. Allah will mislead non-Muslims, forcing them to choose "the way of error." 7:146

  38. "Those who deny Our revelations and the meeting of the Hereafter, their works are fruitless." 7:147

  39. Those who worship the calf will suffer terror and humiliation from Allah. 7:152

  40. Allah sends some astray. 7:155

  41. "Those who believe in him, and honour him, and help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him: they are the successful." 7:157

  42. "But those of them who ... changed the word ... We sent down upon them wrath from heaven." 7:162

  43. Allah presented the Jews a big fish on the Sabbath day when they were forbidden to fish, and then withheld the fish on the day that they were permitted to fish. That'll teach them! 7:163

  44. "Why preach ye to a folk whom Allah is about to destroy or punish with an awful doom?" 7:164

  45. "When they forgot that whereof they had been reminded, We ... visited [them] with dreadful punishment." 7:165

  46. Allah turns Jews into apes! 7:166

  47. Allah will punish the disbelieving Jews until the Day of Resurrection. 7:167

  48. Those who deny Muhammad's revelation are evil. 7:177

  49. Allah sends some people astray. They are losers. 7:178

  50. Allah has already sent many people and jinn to hell. They were worse than cows: they couldn't see or hear and were neglectful. 7:179

  51. Allah leads astray those who deny his revelations. 7:182-3

  52. Allah leads some people astray. There is no guide for them. They are left to wander alone blindly. 7:186