7: The Heights

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Skeptic's Annotated Quran

Absurdity in Surah 7

  1. Allah commanded the angels to worship Adam. They all did except for Iblis. 7:11

  2. Adam and his nameles wife (Eve?) didn't know they were naked until they ate from the tree. 7:22

  3. Entire nations of the jinn have been tormented with fire. (Since jinns were made from fire, they'll probably enjoy the fire of hell.) 7:38

  4. Muslim commentators on the Quran tell us that Salih, through the power of Allah, turned a stone into a female camel. 7:73

  5. "Then he [Moses] flung down his staff and lo! it was a serpent." 7:107

  6. "And he [Moses] drew forth his hand (from his bosom), and lo! it was white." 7:108

  7. We inspired Moses (saying): Throw thy staff! And lo! it swallowed up their lying show. 7:117

  8. "So We sent against them the flood and the locusts and the vermin and the frogs and the blood - a succession of clear signs." 7:133

  9. When Allah revealed himself to Moses, the mountain (Mt. Sinai?) came crashing down. 7:143

  10. The golden calf mooed. 7:148

  11. "The Prophet who can neither read nor write." 7:157-8

  12. The Quran repeats (and embellishes somewhat) the absurdities of the Biblical Exodus. 7:160

  13. Allah presented the Jews a big fish on the Sabbath day when they were forbidden to fish, and then withheld the fish on the day that they were permitted to fish. That'll teach them! 7:163

  14. Allah turns humans into apes! 7:166

  15. Those who deny Muhammad's revelations are like dogs. 7:176

  16. "We lead them .. I give them ... He is but a"
    If the Quran is such a perfect book, why can't Allah keep his pronouns straight? 7:182-4