The Doctrine and Covenants: Science

    Section 24

  1. Cast out devils, and heal the sick. And you won't be hurt by poisonous snakes or deadly poison. 24:13

  2. Section 29

  3. After that, a trumpet will sound, the earth will quake, and dead bodies will come alive. 29:13
  4. But before any of that happens, the sun will darken, the moon will turn into blood, and stars will fall. 29:14
  5. Great hailstorms that will destroy crops. 29:16
  6. God will take vengeance on the wicked. Then he'll send flies and maggots to eat their flesh. 29:17-18
  7. Then the end will come, heaven and earth will be destroyed, and there'll be a new heaven and earth. 29:23
  8. Before the earth is destroyed, Michael my archangel will blow his trumpet, and all the dead people will come forth. 29:26

    Section 34

  9. Before I come, the sun will darken, the moon will turn into blood, the stars won't shine, and some of them will fall. And the wicked will be destroyed. 9

  10. Section 35

  11. Whoever asks me in my name can cast out devils, heal the sick, blind, deaf, dumb, and lame. 9

  12. Section 42

  13. Those who have faith in me will be healed and won't die. 48
  14. Blind people who have faith will see, deaf people will hear, and lame people will leap. 49-51

  15. Section 45

  16. The sun will darken, the moon will turn to blood, and the stars will fall from heaven. 42-43
  17. The the Lord will put his foot on the mountain and split it two, and the heavens and earth will shake. 48

  18. Section 59

  19. God created everything on earth, including all living things, just for humans. 16

    All things dull and ugly
    All creatures short and squat
    All things rude and nasty
    The Lord God made the lot

    Each little snake that poisons
    Each little wasp that stings
    He made their brutish venom
    He made their horrid wings

    All things sick and cancerous
    All evils great and small
    All things foul and dangerous
    The Lord God made them all

    Each nasty little hornet
    Each beastly little squid
    Who made the spiky urchin
    Who made the sharks? He did

    All things scabbed and ulcerous
    All pox both great and small
    Putrid, foul and gangrenous
    The Lord God made them all

    - Amen

    (Monty Python's Ode to Creation)

  20. Section 63

  21. Now its time for you to go to Zion. But don't hurry, or you'll be confused. And confusion causes disease. 24

    Disease is caused by confusion.

  22. Section 66

  23. Touch sick people with your hands, and they'll recover. 9

  24. Section 77

  25. The earth will exist for a total of 7000 years. 6

    It has existed for 4.54 billion years so far, and will last another few billion years until the sun enters the red giant phase of its evolution.

  26. Section 88

  27. The earth rolls on her wings and the moon gives her light. 45

    The moon doesn't produce light, it only reflects light from the sun.