The Doctrine and Covenants: Politics

    Section 70

  1. All temporaal things shall be shared equally. 14

  2. Section 82

  3. You are all equal and have equal claims on the properties. Each man will receive what he wants and needs (if those needs are just). 17
  4. This is an everlasting command to you and your successors. 20
  5. Whoever disobeys this command will be given to Satan. 21
  6. This is wisdom: make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness. 22

  7. Section 92

  8. I, the Lord, give you the united order. Here's a revelation and commandment about Frederick G. Williams: Receive him into the order. What I say to one person, I say to everyone else. 1
  9. The united order was a kind of communism, similar to that of the early Christians.

    Section 98

  10. The law of the land is the constitutional. So befriend the constitutional law of the land. So befriend the constitutional law of the land. 5-7

  11. Section 101

  12. Buy everything you can in Jackson County, Missouri and the counties round about, leaving the rest in my hand. 71
  13. We'll do all this in accordance with the constitution. 77
  14. For this purpose, I established the Constitution. 80

    Section 109

  15. Let the Constitution be established forever. 54

  16. Section 134

  17. We believe that governments were instituted by God for the benefit of men. And that men should make laws and administer them for the good of society. 1
  18. We believe that governments should ensure that individuals are free, and have the right to protect their life and property. 2
  19. We believe that laws must be enforced equally, and that they should be upheld by the voice of the people, if a republic, or by a monarch. 2
  20. We believe that laws must be enforced equally. 3
  21. We do not believe that human law has a right to intefere with religion. 4
  22. We believe that the government should restrain crime, but never control conscience; it should punish guilt, but never suppress freedom. 4
  23. We believe that men should uphold their government, that sedition and rebellion should be punished, and that governments should enact laws for the public good, while protecting freedom of conscience. 5
  24. We believe that laws should be respected and obeyed. 6
  25. We believe that laws should be enacted to protect religious freedom, as long as such beliefs do not justify sedition or conspiracy. 7
  26. We believe that crimes should be punished. 8
  27. We do not believe that religion should influence government, or that one religion should be granted special privileges. 9
  28. We believe that men should appeal to the civil law to redress wrongs, but individuals also have the right to defend themselves and their property when such relief is unavailable. 11