Book of Mormon Trivia Questions

    1 Nephi

  1. What five-word phrase is used 1424 times in the Book of Mormon?
  2. In what language did Nephi write the book of Nephi?
  3. What three women are named in the Book of Mormon (not counting bilical characters)?
  4. Why did Nephi and his brothers return to Jerusalem from the Red Sea (the first time)?
  5. Why did Nephi murder Laban?
  6. How did Nephi kill Laban?
  7. Why did Nephi and his brothers return to Jerusalem from the Red Sea the second time?
  8. In Lehi's dream, who in his family ate from the happy fruit tree?
  9. Why did Nephi make his plates?
  10. Nephi, Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Zoram all got married on the same day. Who were the lucky brides?
  11. Nephi broke his bow in the wilderness. What was it made of?
  12. How did Lehi's and his family find their way through the wilderness?
  13. Why did Lehi murmur against God?
  14. What did Lehi and his family eat during their eight-year trip to Bountiful?
  15. Who made the compass that Nephi used to steer his ship to the promised land?
  16. When Nephi arrived in the promised land, what did he call it?
  17. According to Zenock, Neum, and Zenos, when Jesus is crucified there will be a sign to the people who live on islands. What will that sign be?
  18. According to 1 Nephi 22:13, who will get drunk on their own blood?

    2 Nephi

  19. How many sisters did Nephi have?
  20. Why did God blacken the skin of Nephi's brothers?
  21. How did God make Nephi's brothers loathsome to the Nephites?
  22. How did the descendants of Nephi's brothers become an idle people, full of mischief?
  23. What did God say would happen to those who mixed their seed with Nephi's cursed brothers?
  24. Who were the first Christians?
  25. According 2 Nephi 29, why will fools reject the Book of Mormon?


  26. Why did the Nephites hate the Lamanites?
  27. What did Jacob say would happen to the Nephites if they didn't repent?
  28. Sherem asked Jacob for a sign from the Holy Ghost that Jesus would come 500 or so years later. God gave him a sign. What was it?
  29. What is the only French word in the Book of Mormon?


  30. According to Enos, what was the only thing that many of the Lamanites would eat?


  31. Why did Jarom write the book of Jarom?
  32. For whom did Jarom write his book?
  33. Why didn't Jarom include his prophecies and revelations in his book?
  34. According to Jarom, who loved to murder and drink the blood of beasts?


  35. Why did Jarom tell his son Omni to write on plates?
  36. What character in the Book of Omni called himself a wicked man?
  37. What Book of Mormon author wrote only one verse?


  38. What language did King Benjamin teach his sons?
  39. In 124 BCE, how many of King Benjamin's people took on the name of Christ?
  40. What is the greatest gift a man can have?
  41. What percent of the people's ziff did King Noah tax?
  42. What wicked king became a wine-bibber?
  43. What Book of Mormon character had a shining face like Moses's on Mount Sinai?
  44. What Book of Mormon character read Isaiah 53 from the King James Version of the Bible more than 1750 years before the KJV existed?
  45. Who said four times in four consecutive verses, "How beautiful upon the mountains were their feet"?
  46. How did God save the people of Alma from the Lamanites?
  47. What character in the Book of Mosiah was struck by an angel so he couldn't speak or move his hands?
  48. What did Alma Sr. do when he found out that the angel struck Alma Jr. so he couldn't speak or move his hands?
  49. Alma

  50. What preacher in the Book of Alma said that everyone would be saved?
  51. What was the name of the Lamanites king who succeeded Amalickiah?
  52. What was the name of the man who built ships that Nephites sailed on the west sea?
  53. What Book of Mormon politician lost the election, but his followers made him king anyway?
  54. Who killed Amlici with a sword (and God's help)?
  55. What Book of Mormon character interpreted the writing on the wall of the temple that was written with God's finger?
  56. Who was the greatest person who ever lived?
  57. Why didn't Alma save his followers from being burned to death?
  58. What Book of Mormon hero killed six Lamanites with a sling, cut off the arms of many more, and then carried the arms back to show the king?
  59. Who did Ammon say had a faith that was greater than that of any Nephite?
  60. According to the Book of Mornon, who was the first person to speak in tongues?
  61. What were the Lamanites who were converted by Aaron and his brothers called after their conversion?
  62. What did the king of the Anti-Nehi-Lehies name his son?
  63. Why did the Anti-Nephi-Lehies bury their swords in the ground?