0 1 Thessalonians : Prophecy and Misquotes

1 Thessalonians : Prophecy and Misquotes (5)

  1. "Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming?"
    Paul believed that those alive in 49 CE would live to see Jesus come. 2:19
  2. "We told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass."
    Paul thought that the tribulation that he believed would precede Jesus' coming had already passed. 3:4
  3. Paul expected Jesus to return within the lifetime of his followers. 3:13
  4. Paul thought he would live to see the rapture. 4:15, 17
  5. Paul prays that the Thessalonians will be good until Jesus returns, implying that he expected this to happen within their lifetimes. 5:23

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