Cruelty and Violence
-In the Bible
-In the Book of Mormon
-Doom, Hell and The Fire in the Quran

Dwindling in Unbelief
-Which is more violent, the Bible or the Quran?
-Is anything cruel to a believer?
-For Disbelievers a painful doom
-It is easy for Allah

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Cruelty and violence in the Quran (A Short List)

  1. As for the Disbelievers, Whether thou warn them or thou warn them not it is all one for them; they believe not. Allah hath sealed their hearing and their hearts, and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom.--2:6-7

  2. In their hearts is a disease, and Allah increaseth their disease. A painful doom is theirs because they lie.--2:17-18

  3. Guard yourselves against the Fire prepared for disbelievers, whose fuel is of men and stones.--2:24

  4. They who disbelieve, and deny Our revelations, such are rightful Peoples of the Fire. They will abide therein.--2:39

  5. Ye know of those of you who broke the Sabbath, how We said unto them: Be ye apes, despised and hated!--2:65

  6. Allah hath cursed them for their unbelief. Little is that which they believe.--2:88

  7. The curse of Allah is on disbelievers.--2:89

  8. Allah (Himself) is an enemy to the disbelievers.--2:98

  9. We have revealed unto thee clear tokens, and only miscreants will disbelieve in them.--2:99

  10. For disbelievers is a painful doom.--2:104

  11. As for him who disbelieveth, I shall leave him in contentment for a while, then I shall compel him to the doom of Fire - a hapless journey's end!--2:126

  12. Those who hide the proofs and the guidance which We revealed, after We had made it clear to mankind in the Scripture: such are accursed of Allah and accursed of those who have the power to curse.--2:159

  13. Those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers; on them is the curse of Allah and of angels and of men combined.--2:161

  14. Those who hide aught of the Scripture which Allah hath revealed and purchase a small gain therewith, they eat into their bellies nothing else than fire. Theirs will be a painful doom.--2:174

  15. Slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out ... If they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.--2:191

  16. Fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah--2:193

  17. One who attacketh you, attack him in like manner as he attacked you.--2:194

  18. Whoso becometh a renegade and dieth in his disbelief ... such are rightful owners of the Fire: they will abide therein.--2:217

  19. Those who disbelieve, their patrons are false deities. ... Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein.--2:257

  20. Those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, theirs will be a heavy doom.--3:4

  21. Those who disbelieve ... will be fuel for Fire.--3:10

  22. Those who disbelieve ... shall be overcome and gathered unto Hell--3:12

  23. Those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah ... promise them a painful doom.--3:21

  24. Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers--3:28

  25. Allah loveth not the disbelievers--3:32

  26. As for those who disbelieve I shall chastise them with a heavy chastisement in the world and the Hereafter; and they will have no helpers.--3:56

  27. Why then argue ye concerning that whereof ye have no knowledge?--3:66

  28. Whoso seeketh as religion other than the Surrender (to Allah) it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the Hereafter.--3:85

  29. Those who disbelieve, and die in disbelief.... Theirs will be a painful doom and they will have no helpers.--3:91

  30. On the Day when (some) faces will be whitened and (some) faces will be blackened; and as for those whose faces have been blackened, it will be said unto them: Disbelieved ye after your (profession of) belief ? Then taste the punishment for that ye disbelieved.--3:106

  31. Those who disbelieve ... are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein.--3:116

  32. Give us victory over the disbelieving folk.--3:147

  33. We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve--3:151

  34. Those who purchase disbelief at the price of faith harm Allah not at all, but theirs will be a painful doom.--3:177

  35. Those who disbelieve ... theirs will be a shameful doom.--3:178

  36. Those who disbelieve ... their habitation will be hell--3:196-7

  37. Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment.--4:18

  38. Allah hath cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, save a few.--4:46

  39. Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil.--4:76

  40. Whatever of good befalleth thee (O man) it is from Allah, and whatever of ill befalleth thee it is from thyself.--4:79

  41. Choose not friends from them [unbelievers]. ... Take them and kill them wherever ye find them.--4:89

  42. Take them [unbelivers] and kill them wherever ye find them. Against such We have given you clear warrant.--4:91

  43. The disbelievers are an open enemy to you.--4:101

  44. Choose not disbelievers for (your) friends in place of believers. Would ye give Allah a clear warrant against you?--4:144

  45. Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment.--4:18

  46. Marry of the women two, or three, or four.--4:3

  47. Women who are guilty of lewdness ... confine them to the houses until death take them.--4:15

  48. If ye wish to exchange one wife for another....--4:20

  49. Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other. ... So good women are the obedient. ... As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.--4:34

  50. Will they not then ponder on the Qur'an ? If it had been from other than Allah they would have found therein much incongruity.--4:82

  51. Be ye staunch in justice ... even though it be against yourselves or (your) parents or (your) kindred, whether (the case be of) a rich man or a poor man.--4:135

  52. Unto the male is the equivalent of the share of two females.--4:176

  53. They who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, such are rightful owners of hell.--5:11

  54. The Children of Israel ... We have cursed them and made hard their hearts--5:12-13

  55. Christians ... We have stirred up enmity and hatred among them till the Day of Resurrection.--5:14

  56. Whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.--5:32

  57. The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom.--5:33

  58. Those who disbelieve ... Theirs will be a painful doom.--5:36

  59. They will wish to come forth from the Fire, but they will not come forth from it. Theirs will be a lasting doom.--5:37

  60. As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. ... An exemplary punishment from Allah.--5:38

  61. The life for the life, and the eye for the eye, and the nose for the nose, and the ear for the ear, and the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds retaliation.--5:45

  62. Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are wrong-doers.--5:45

  63. Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. ... He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them.--5:51

  64. The Jews ... We have cast among them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection.--5:64

  65. Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk.--5:67

  66. But those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, they are owners of hell- fire.--5:86

  67. Many a generation We destroyed ... and created after them another generation.--6:6

  68. We have placed upon their hearts veils, lest they should understand, and in their ears a deafness.---6:25

  69. Those who deny Our revelations are deaf and dumb in darkness. Whom Allah will sendeth astray.--6:39

  70. But as for those who deny Our revelations, torment will afflict them--6:49

  71. For them is drink of boiling water and a painful doom, because they disbelieved.--6:70

  72. How many a township have We destroyed! As a raid by night, or while they slept at noon, Our terror came unto them.--7:4

  73. Those are they who lose their souls because they disbelieved Our revelations.--7:9

  74. We have made the devils protecting friends for those who believe not.--7:27

  75. They who deny Our revelations and scorn them - each are rightful owners of the Fire; they will abide therein.--7:36

  76. They who deny Our revelations and scorn them, for them the gates of heaven will nor be opened. ... Theirs will be a bed of hell--7:40-41

  77. And the dwellers of the Fire cry out unto the dwellers of the Garden: Pour on us some water or some wherewith Allah hath provided you. They say: Lo! Allah hath forbidden both to disbelievers.--7:50

  78. And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you? Lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. Nay, but ye are wanton folk.--7:80-81

  79. We said unto them: Be ye apes despised and loathed!--7:166

  80. Those whom Allah sendeth astray, there is no guide for them. He leaveth them to wander blindly on in their contumacy.--7:186

  81. The spoils of war belong to Allah and the messenger, so ... obey Allah and His messenger--8:1

  82. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.--8:12

  83. For disbelievers is the torment of the Fire.--8:14

  84. When ye meet those who disbelieve in battle, turn not your backs to them. Whoso on that day turneth his back to them ... hath incurred wrath from Allah, and his habitation will be hell.--8:15-16

  85. Taste of the doom because ye disbelieve.--8:35

  86. Those who disbelieve will be gathered unto hell.--8:36

  87. Fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah.--8:39

  88. If thou couldst see how the angels receive those who disbelieve, smiting faces and their backs and (saying): Taste the punishment of burning!--8:50

  89. the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the ungrateful who will not believe.--8:55

  90. (The disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence.--8:65

  91. It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land.--8:67

  92. Give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom to those who disbelieve--9:3

  93. Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.--9:5

  94. Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are wrong-doers.--9:23

  95. The Jews ... and the Christians ... Allah (Himself) fighteth against them. How perverse are they!--9:30

  96. On the day when it will (all) be heated in the fire of hell, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded therewith--9:35

  97. Wage war on all of the idolaters as they are waging war on all of you.--9:36

  98. Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk.--9:37

  99. Those who vex the messenger of Allah, for them there is a painful doom.--9:61

  100. Allah promiseth the hypocrites, both men and women, and the disbelievers fire of hell for their abode. It will suffice them. Allah curseth them, and theirs is lasting torment.--9:68

  101. O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end.--9:73

  102. Though thou ask forgiveness for them seventy times Allah will not forgive them. That is because they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger--9:80

  103. And never (O Muhammad) pray for one of them who dieth, nor stand by his grave. Lo! they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger--9:84

  104. A painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve.--9:90

  105. It is not for the Prophet, and those who believe, to pray for the forgiveness of idolaters even though they may be near of kin (to them) after it hath become clear that they are people of hell-fire.--9:113

  106. O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you--9:123

  107. For those who disbelieve, theirs will be a boiling drink and painful doom because they disbelieved.--10:4

  108. Those who are neglectful of Our revelations, Their home will be the Fire--10:7-8

  109. Who doeth greater wrong than he who inventeth a lie concerning Allah and denieth His revelations?--10:17

  110. We drowned those who denied Our revelations.--10:73

  111. We make them taste a dreadful doom because they used to disbelieve.--10:70

  112. As for those who will be wretched (on that day) they will be in the Fire; sighing and wailing will be their portion therein, Abiding there so long as the heavens and the earth endure.--11:106-7

  113. Verily I shall fill hell with the jinn and mankind together.--11:119

  114. They who disbelieve ... such are rightful owners of the Fire, they will abide therein.--13:5

  115. The prayer of disbelievers goeth (far) astray.--13:14

  116. Those who disbelieve.... For them is torment in the life of the world, and verily the doom of the Hereafter is more painful, and they have no defender from Allah.--13:33-34

  117. The reward of disbelievers is the Fire.--13:35

  118. Hell is before him, and he is made to drink a festering water, Which he sippeth but can hardly swallow, and death cometh unto him from every side while yet he cannot die, and before him is a harsh doom.--14:16-17

  119. Allah sendeth wrong-doers astray. And Allah doeth what He will.--14:27

  120. Thou wilt see the guilty on that day linked together in chains, Their raiment of pitch, and the Fire covering their faces.--14:49-50

  121. And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire.--27:

  122. Those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, Allah guideth them not and theirs will be a painful doom.--16:104

  123. Such are they whose hearts and ears and eyes Allah hath sealed. ... Assuredly in the Hereafter they are the losers.--16:108-9

  124. We have appointed hell a dungeon for the disbelievers.--17:8

  125. Those who believe not in the Hereafter, for them We have prepared a painful doom.--17:10

  126. How many generations have We destroyed since Noah!--17:17

  127. We have appointed for him hell; he will endure the heat thereof, condemned, rejected.--17:18

  128. Give the kinsman his due, and the needy, and the wayfarer, and squander not (thy wealth) in wantonness.--17:26

  129. Follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge.--17:36

  130. We place between thee and those who believe not in the Hereafter a hidden barrier; And We place upon their hearts veils lest they should understand it, and in their ears a deafness--17:45-46

  131. There is not a township but We shall destroy it ere the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishment.--17:58

  132. Though mankind and the jinn should assemble to produce the like of this Qur'an.--17:88

  133. Blind, dumb and deaf; their habitation will be hell; whenever it abateth, We increase the flame for them. That is their reward because they disbelieved Our revelations--17:97-98

  134. We have prepared for disbelievers Fire. Its tent encloseth them. If they ask for showers, they will be showered with water like to molten lead which burneth the faces.--18:29

  135. The guilty behold the Fire and know that they are about to fall therein, and they find no way of escape thence.--18:59

  136. On that day we shall present hell to the disbelievers, plain to view--18:100

  137. We have prepared hell as a welcome for the disbelievers.--18:102

  138. We have set the devils on the disbelievers to confound them with confusion--19:83

  139. If those who disbelieved but knew the time when they will not be able to drive off the fire from their faces and from their backs, and they will not be helped!--21:39

  140. Behold them, staring wide (in terror), the eyes of those who disbelieve!--21:97

  141. Whoso is wont to think (through envy) that Allah will not give him (Muhammad) victory in the world and the Hereafter ... let him stretch a rope up to the roof (of his dwelling), and let him hang himself.--22:15

  142. But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads, Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron.--22:19-21

  143. Those who strive to thwart Our revelations, such are rightful owners of the Fire.--22:51

  144. Repel evil with that which is better.--23:96

  145. The fire burneth their faces, and they are glum therein.--23:104

  146. Vile women are for vile men, and vile men for vile women.--24:26

  147. Tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands' fathers, o ... or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigour.... And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment.--24:31

  148. Those who disbelieve henceforth, they are the miscreants.--24:55

  149. Think not that the disbelievers can escape in the land. Fire will be their home - a hapless journey's end!--24:57

  150. It will be a hard day for disbelievers. On the day when the wrong-doer gnaweth his hands, he will say: Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the messenger (of Allah)!--25:26-27

  151. Then he flung down his staff and it became a serpent ... And he drew forth his hand and lo! it was white--26:32-33

  152. Then Moses threw his staff and lo! it swallowed that which they did falsely show.--26:45

  153. What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males, And leave the wives your Lord created for you ? Nay, but ye are froward folk.--26:165-6

  154. They will not believe in it till they behold the painful doom.--26:201

  155. Solomon ... said: O mankind! Lo! we have been taught the language of birds.--27:16

  156. There were gathered together unto Solomon his armies of the jinn ... and of the birds, and they were set in battle order.--27:17

  157. When they reached the Valley of the Ants, an ant exclaimed: O ants! Enter your dwellings lest Solomon and his armies crush you, unperceiving.--27:18

  158. And he [Solomon] sought among the birds and said: How is it that I see not the hoopoe, or is he among the absent ? I verily will punish him with hard punishment or I verily will slay him, or he verily shall bring me a plain excuse.--27:20-21

  159. We destroyed them and their people, every one.--27:51

  160. Will ye commit abomination knowingly? Must ye needs lust after men instead of women ? Nay, but ye are folk who act senselessly.--27:54-55

  161. On the day when He will call unto them and say: Where are My partners whom ye imagined? ... Cry unto your (so-called) partners (of Allah). And they will cry unto them, and they will give no answer unto them, and they will see the Doom.--28:62-64

  162. Never be a helper to the disbelievers.--28:86

  163. Those who disbelieve in the revelations of Allah ... have no hope of My mercy. For such there is a painful doom.--29:23

  164. And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Lo! ye commit lewdness such as no creature did before you. For come ye not in unto males?--29:28-29

  165. None deny Our revelations save wrong-doers.--29:49

  166. Those who ... disbelieve in Allah, they it is who are the losers.--29:55

  167. Hell verily will encompass the disbelievers. On the day when the doom will overwhelm them from above them and from underneath their feet, and He will say: Taste what ye used to do!--29:54-55

  168. Is not there a home in hell for disbelievers ? --29:68

  169. He created for you helpmeets ... and He ordained between you love and mercy.--30:21

  170. He loveth not the disbelievers.--30:45

  171. Thus doth Allah seal the hearts of those who know not.--30:59

  172. So give him tidings of a painful doom.--31:7

  173. Whosoever disbelieveth ... we give them comfort for a little, and then We drive them to a heavy doom.--31:23-24

  174. I will fill hell with the jinn and mankind together.--32:13

  175. Their retreat is the Fire. Whenever they desire to issue forth from thence, they are brought back thither. Unto them it is said: Taste the torment of the Fire which ye used to deny.--32:20

  176. Obey not the disbelievers--33:1

  177. Such have not believed. Therefor Allah maketh their deeds fruitless.--33:19

  178. He brought those of the People of the Scripture who supported them down from their strongholds, and cast panic into their hearts. Some ye slew, and ye made captive some.--33:26

  179. He brought those of the People of the Scripture who supported them down from their strongholds, and cast panic into their hearts. Some ye slew, and ye made captive some.--33:26

  180. O ye wives of the Prophet! Whosoever of you committeth manifest lewdness, the punishment for her will be doubled, and that is easy for Allah.--33:30

  181. O ye wives of the Prophet! Ye are not like any other women. ... Stay in your houses.--33:32-3

  182. Incline not to the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Disregard their noxious talk.--33:48

  183. O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth.--33:50

  184. When ye ask of them (the wives of the Prophet) anything, ask it of them from behind a curtain. That is purer for your hearts and for their hearts.--33:53

  185. Those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in the world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained.--33:57

  186. O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad).--33:59

  187. If the hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and the alarmists in the city do not cease, We verily shall urge thee on against them.... Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.--33:60-1

  188. Allah hath cursed the disbelievers, and hath prepared for them a flaming fire, Wherein they will abide for ever. They will find (then) no protecting friend nor helper. On the day when their faces are turned over in the Fire.... give them double torment and curse them with a mighty curse.--33:64-8

  189. Those who strive against Our revelations, challenging (Us), theirs will be a painful doom of wrath.--34:5

  190. Unto Solomon (We gave) the wind, whereof the morning course was a month's journey and the evening course a month's journey, and We caused the fount of copper to gush forth for him, and (We gave him) certain of the jinn who worked before him.--34:12

  191. And such of them as deviated from Our command, them We caused to taste the punishment of flaming Fire.--34:12

  192. Those who strive against Our revelations, challenging, they will be brought to the doom.--34:38

  193. They denied My messengers. How intense then was My abhorrence (of them)!--34:45

  194. Those who disbelieve, theirs will be an awful doom--35:7

  195. Allah verily sendeth whom He will astray--35:8

  196. Then seized I those who disbelieved, and how intense was My abhorrence!--35:26

  197. But as for those who disbelieve, for them is fire of hell; it taketh not complete effect upon them so that they can die, nor is its torment lightened for them.--35:36

  198. And We have set a bar before them and a bar behind them, and (thus) have covered them so that they see not. Whether thou warn them or thou warn them not, it is alike for them, for they believe not.--36:9-10

  199. And if We will, We drown them, and there is no help for them, neither can they be saved;--36:43

  200. This is hell.... Burn therein this day for that ye disbelieved.--36:63-4

  201. And with them are those of modest gaze, with lovely eyes.--37:48

  202. The tree of Zaqqum ... springeth in the heart of hell. Its crop is as it were the heads of devils. ... They verily must eat thereof, and fill (their) bellies therewith.--37:62-6

  203. Thereupon they have a drink of boiling water. And afterward, lo! their return is surely unto hell.--37:67-8

  204. And when (his son) was old enough to walk with him, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice thee. So look, what thinkest thou ? He said: O my father! Do that which thou art commanded.--37:102

  205. Those who disbelieve are in false pride and schism.--38:2

  206. Those who wander from the way of Allah have an awful doom.--38:36

  207. That is the opinion of those who disbelieve. And woe unto those who disbelieve, from the Fire!--38:27

  208. And with them are those of modest gaze, companions.--38:52

  209. Here is a boiling and an ice-cold draught, so let them taste it, And other (torment) of the kind in pairs (the two extremes)!--38:57-8

  210. (Those who are already in the Fire say): No word of welcome for them. Lo! they will roast at the Fire. --38:59

  211. Take pleasure in thy disbelief a while. Lo! thou art of the owners of the Fire.--39:8

  212. Him whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide.--39:23

  213. Will not the home of disbelievers be in hell ?--39:32

  214. He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide.--39:36

  215. Those who lied concerning Allah with their faces blackened. Is not the home of the scorners in hell ?--39:60

  216. Those who disbelieve ... are owners of the Fire.--40:6

  217. He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide.--40:33

  218. Allah deceiveth him who is a prodigal, a doubter.--40:34

  219. The Fire; they are exposed to it morning and evening.--40:46

  220. Those in the Fire say unto the guards of hell: Entreat your Lord that He relieve us of a day of the torment.--40:49

  221. The prayer of disbelievers is in vain.--40:50

  222. Thus are they perverted who deny the revelations of Allah.--40:63

  223. Those who deny the Scripture and that wherewith We send Our messengers. But they will come to know, When carcans are about their necks and chains. They are dragged Through boiling waters; then they are thrust into the Fire.--40:70-72

  224. Thus doth Allah send astray the disbelievers (in His guidance).--40:74

  225. Then, when they saw Our doom, they said: We believe in Allah only and reject (all) that we used to associate (with Him). But their faith could not avail them when they saw Our doom. ... The disbelievers will be ruined.--40:84-85

  226. The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better, then lo! he, between whom and thee there was enmity (will become) as though he was a bosom friend.--41:34

  227. (Make mention of) the day when the enemies of Allah are gathered unto the Fire, they are driven on Till, when they reach it, their ears and their eyes and their skins testify against them as to what they used to do.--41:19-20

  228. That is the reward of Allah's enemies: the Fire. Therein is their immortal home, payment forasmuch as they denied Our revelations.--41:28

  229. The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better, then lo! he, between whom and thee there was enmity (will become) as though he was a bosom friend.--41:34

  230. Those who argue concerning Allah ... wrath is upon them and theirs will be an awful doom.--42:16

  231. Whatever of misfortune striketh you, it is what your right hands have earned.--42:30

  232. He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no protecting friend.--42:44

  233. He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no road.--42:46

  234. So, when they angered Us, We punished them and drowned them every one.--43:55

  235. The guilty are immortal in hell's torment. It is not relaxed for them, and they despair therein.--43:74-75

  236. This will be a painful torment. Our Lord relieve us of the torment. Lo! we are believers. ... We withdraw the torment a little. Lo! ye return (to disbelief). ... In truth We shall punish.--44:11-16

  237. Lo! the tree of Zaqqum. The food of the sinner! Like molten brass, it seetheth in their bellies. As the seething of boiling water.--44:43-46

  238. (And it will be said): Take him and drag him to the midst of hell, Then pour upon his head the torment of boiling water.--44:47-48

  239. And We shall wed them unto fair ones with wide, lovely eyes.--44:54

  240. Woe unto each sinful liar, Who heareth the revelations of Allah recited unto him, and then continueth in pride as though he heard them not. Give him tidings of a painful doom.--45:7-8

  241. And when he knoweth aught of Our revelations he maketh it a jest. For such there is a shameful doom.--45:9

  242. And those who disbelieve the revelations of their Lord, for them there is a painful doom of wrath.--45:11

  243. Those who disbelieve follow falsehood.--47:3

  244. Those who disbelieve take their comfort in this life and eat even as the cattle eat, and the Fire is their habitation.--47:12

  245. (Are those who enjoy all this) like those who are immortal in the Fire and are given boiling water to drink so that it teareth their bowels ?--47:15

  246. Such are they whom Allah curseth so that He deafeneth them and maketh blind their eyes.--47:23

  247. Then how (will it be with them) when the angels gather them, smiting their faces and their backs!--47:27

  248. Those who disbelieve and turn from the way of Allah and then die disbelievers, Allah surely will not pardon them.--47:34

  249. For him who believeth not in Allah and His messenger - Lo! We have prepared a flame for disbelievers.--48:13

  250. Allah promiseth you much booty that ye will capture.--48:20

  251. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves.--48:29

  252. Lift not up your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor shout when speaking to him as ye shout one to another--49:2

  253. They who subdue their voices in the presence of the messenger of Allah, those are they whose hearts Allah hath proven unto righteousness.--49:3

  254. Accursed be the conjecturers. ... They ask: When is the Day of Judgment? (It is) the day when they will be tormented at the Fire.--51:10-13

  255. Woe unto those who disbelieve.--51:60

  256. This is the Fire which ye were wont to deny. ... Endure the heat thereof.--52:16

  257. And we wed them unto fair ones with wide, lovely eyes.--52:20

  258. On the day when they are dragged into the Fire upon their faces (it is said unto them): Feel the touch of hell. --54:48

  259. We have destroyed your fellows; but is there any that remembereth? --54:51

  260. And the jinn did He create of smokeless fire.--55:15

  261. This is hell which the guilty deny. They go circling round between it and fierce, boiling water.--55:43-44

  262. Therein are those of modest gaze, whom neither man nor jinni will have touched before them.--55:56

  263. There wait on them immortal youths. ... And (there are) fair ones with wide, lovely eyes Like unto hidden pearls--56:17-23

  264. And made them virgins, Lovers, friends--56:37-38

  265. The erring, the deniers, ... will eat of a tree called Zaqqum....And ... will drink of boiling water.--56:

  266. But if he is of the rejecters, the erring, Then the welcome will be boiling water And roasting at hell-fire.--56:92-94

  267. Those who disbelieved. Your home is the Fire; that is your patron, and a hapless journey's end.--57:15

  268. Those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, they are owners of hell-fire.--57:19

  269. For disbelievers is a painful doom.--58:4

  270. For disbelievers is a shameful doom--58:5

  271. Those who take for friends a folk with whom Allah is wroth ... Allah hath prepared for them a dreadful doom.--58:14-15

  272. Thou wilt not find folk who believe in Allah and the Last Day loving those who oppose Allah and His messenger, even though they be their fathers or their sons or their brethren.--58:22

  273. Tell their brethren who disbelieve among the People of the Scripture ... that they verily are liars.--59:11

  274. O ye who believe! Choose not My enemy and your enemy for allies. Do ye give them friendship when they disbelieve?--60:1

  275. O ye who believe! Be not friendly with a folk with whom Allah is wroth, (a folk) who have despaired of the Hereafter as the disbelievers despair of those who are in the graves.--60:13

  276. Because they believed, then disbelieved, therefore their hearts are sealed so that they understand not.--63:3

  277. Whether thou ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them is all one for them; Allah will not forgive them.--63:6

  278. O ye who believe! Let not ... your children distract you from remembrance of Allah. Those who do so, they are the losers.--63:9

  279. Those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, such are owners of the Fire; they will abide therein - a hapless journey's end!--64:10

  280. O ye who believe! Lo! among your wives and your children there are enemies for you, therefor beware of them. ... Your children are only a temptation.--64:14-15

  281. O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, a hapless journey's end. --66:9

  282. We have beautified the world's heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils.--67:5

  283. For those who disbelieve in their Lord there is the doom of hell, a hapless journey's end! When they are flung therein they hear its roaring as it boileth up--67:6-7

  284. Who will protect the disbelievers from a painful doom?--67:28

  285. They were drowned, then made to enter a Fire. And they found they had no helpers in place of Allah. And Noah said: My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers in the land.--71:25-26

  286. Leave Me to deal with the deniers, lords of ease and comfort (in this life); and do thou respite them awhile. Lo! with Us are heavy fetters and a raging fire. And food which choketh (the partaker), and a painful doom.--73:11-13

  287. Surely that day will be a day of anguish, Not of ease, for disbelievers.--74:9-10

  288. Ah, what will convey unto thee what that burning is! - It leaveth naught; it spareth naught It shrivelleth the man.--74:27-29

  289. Allah sendeth astray whom He will--74:31

  290. We have prepared for disbelievers manacles and carcans and a raging fire.--76:4

  291. And other faces, on that day, with dust upon them, Veiled in darkness, Those are the disbelievers, the wicked.--80:40-42

  292. Woe unto the repudiators on that day! Those who deny the Day of Judgment Which none denieth save each criminal transgressor, Who, when thou readest unto him Our revelations, saith: (Mere) fables of the men of old. ... They verily will burn in hell.--83:10-16

  293. The guilty used to laugh at those who believed ... This day it is those who believe who have the laugh of disbelievers, ... Are not the disbelievers paid for what they used to do ? --83:29-36

  294. Those who disbelieve will deny ... give them tidings of a painful doom.--84:22-24

  295. He who will be flung to the great Fire Wherein he will neither die nor live. --87:12-13

  296. On that day (many) faces will be downcast, ... Scorched by burning fire, Drinking from a boiling spring.--88:2-5

  297. Whoso ... disbelieveth Allah will punish him with direst punishment.--88:23

  298. Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Ascent is! - (It is) to free a slave, And to feed in the day of hunger. An orphan near of kin, Or some poor wretch in misery, And ... to exhort one another to pity.--90:13-17

  299. Those who disbelieve Our revelations ... Fire will be an awning over them.--90:19-20

  300. If he denieth (Allah's guidance) ... We will seize him by the forelock.--96:13-15

  301. Those who disbelieve ... will abide in fire of hell. They are the worst of created beings.--98:6

  302. Abu Lahab ... will perish. ... He will be plunged in flaming Fire, And his wife, the wood-carrier, Will have upon her neck a halter of palm-fibre.--111:1-5"

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