Surah 86: Absurdity

  1. What will tell you about the morning star? 86:2

    The answer, of course, is science. The morning star is the planet Venus when it is visable in the morning sky.

  2. Every human has a guardian over it. 86:4
  3. Humans are created from a gushing fluid, issued from between the loins and ribs. 86:5-7

    Humans are not created from semen alone, but from fertilized eggs. 86:6

  4. He [Allah] can bring dead people back to life. 86:8
  5. The Quran is a conclusive word. It's no pleasantry. 86:13-14
  6. They're plotting a plot (against you, Muhammad). I [Allah] am plotting a plot against them. 86:15-16