Surah 7


Allah's tokens
Cruelty Contradiction Cruelty Injustice Intolerance 7:103-141

103 Then, after them, We sent Moses with our tokens unto Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they repelled them. Now, see the nature of the consequence for the corrupters!

We [Allah] sent Moses with our tokens to Pharoah,

and look what happened to him.

104 Moses said: O Pharaoh! Lo! I am a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds,

105 Approved upon condition that I speak concerning Allah nothing but the truth. I come unto you (lords of Egypt) with a clear proof from your Lord. So let the Children of Israel go with me.

Moses said to the Pharaoh,

I'm a messenger from the Lord of the worlds.

Let the children of Israel go.

106 (Pharaoh) said: If thou comest with a token, then produce it, if thou art of those who speak the truth.

107 Then he flung down his staff and lo! it was a serpent manifest;

108 And he drew forth his hand (from his bosom), and lo! it was white for the beholders.

Pharaoh said,

Show me a token.

Moses threw down his staff, and it became a serpent. [1]

Then he drew out his hand, and it was white. [2]

109 The chiefs of Pharaoh's people said: Lo! this is some knowing wizard,

110 Who would expel you from your land. Now what do ye advise ?

111 They said (unto Pharaoh): Put him off (a while) - him and his brother - and send into the cities summoners,

112 To bring each knowing wizard unto thee.

113 And the wizards came to Pharaoh, saying: Surely there will be a reward for us if we are victors.

114 He answered: Yes, and surely ye shall be of those brought near (to me).

115 They said: O Moses! Either throw (first) or let us be the first throwers ?

116 He said: Throw! And when they threw they cast a spell upon the people's eyes, and overawed them, and produced a mighty spell.

Pharaoh's chiefs said,

Whoa! This is some kind of wizard.

117 And We inspired Moses (saying): Throw thy staff! And lo! it swallowed up their lying show.

118 Thus was the Truth vindicated and that which they were doing was made vain.

119 Thus were they there defeated and brought low.

Then we inspired Moses by saying,

Throw down your staff.

And it swallowed their lying show.

120 And the wizards fell down prostrate,

121 Crying: We believe in the Lord of the Worlds,

122 The Lord of Moses and Aaron.

123 Pharaoh said: Ye believe in Him before I give you leave! Lo! this is the plot that ye have plotted in the city that ye may drive its people hence. But ye shall come to know!

Pharaoh's wizards fell down and said,

We believe in the Lord of the worlds,

the Lord of Moses and Aaron. [3]

124 Surely I shall have your hands and feet cut off upon alternate sides. Then I shall crucify you every one.

125 They said: Lo! We are about to return unto our Lord!

126 Thou takest vengeance on us only forasmuch as we believed the tokens of our Lord when they came unto us. Our Lord! Vouchsafe unto us steadfastness and make us die as men who have surrendered (unto Thee).

127 The chiefs of Pharaoh's people said: (O King), wilt thou suffer Moses and his people to make mischief in the land, and flout thee and thy gods ? He said: We will slay their sons and spare their women, for lo! we are in power over them.

128 And Moses said unto his people: Seek help in Allah and endure. Lo! the earth is Allah's. He giveth it for an inheritance to whom He will. And lo! the sequel is for those who keep their duty (unto Him).

129 They said: We suffered hurt before thou camest unto us, and since thou hast come unto us. He said: It may be that your Lord is going to destroy your adversary and make you viceroys in the earth, that He may see how ye behave.

The Pharaoh said,

Ok, well, I'll cut off your hands on feet on alternate sides.

Then I'll crucify you. [4]

130 And we straitened Pharaoh's folk with famine and dearth of fruits, that peradventure they might heed.

131 But whenever good befell them, they said: This is ours; and whenever evil smote them they ascribed it to the evil auspices of Moses and those with him. Surely their evil auspice was only with Allah. But most of them knew not.

132 And they said: Whatever portent thou bringest wherewith to bewitch us, we shall not put faith in thee.

We sent a famine on the Pharaoh and his people.

133 So We sent against them the flood and the locusts and the vermin and the frogs and the blood - a succession of clear signs. But they were arrogant and became a guilty folk.

134 And when the terror fell on them they cried: O Moses! Pray for us unto thy Lord, because He hath a covenant with thee. If thou removest the terror from us we verily will trust thee and will let the Children of Israel go with thee.

135 But when We did remove from them the terror for a term which they must reach, behold! they broke their covenant.

We sent locusts, lice, frogs, and blood --

a succession of clear signs. [5]

136 Therefore We took retribution from them; therefore We drowned them in the sea: because they denied Our revelations and were heedless of them.

137 And We caused the folk who were despised to inherit the eastern parts of the land and the western parts thereof which We had blessed. And the fair word of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel because of their endurance; and We annihilated (all) that Pharaoh and his folk had done and that they had contrived.

138 And We brought the Children of Israel across the sea, and they came unto a people who were given up to idols which they had. They said: O Moses! Make for us a god even as they have gods. He said: Lo! ye are a folk who know not.

139 Lo! as for these, their way will be destroyed and all that they are doing is in vain.

140 He said: Shall I seek for you a god other than Allah when He hath favoured you above (all) creatures?

141 And (remember) when We did deliver you from Pharaoh's folk who were afflicting you with dreadful torment, slaughtering your sons and sparing your women. That was a tremendous trial from your Lord.

Then we drowned them in the sea.