38: Sad

Cruelty and Violence

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Injustice in Surah 38

  1. Allah has destroyed many generations. 38:3

  2. Those who doubt will soon taste Allah's doom. 38:8

  3. Those who deny the messengers deserve doom. 38:14

  4. Those who wander from the way of Allah will have an awful doom. 38:26

  5. Those who disbelieve will burn in the Fire. 38:27

  6. David was an excellent slave of Allah. 38:30

  7. The transgressors will roast in the Fire and be forced to drink boiling liquids followed by ice cold drinks. 38:55-9

  8. "Whoever did prepare this for us, oh, give him double portion of the Fire!" 38:61

  9. Iblis asks Allah to let him hang around and mislead humans. Allah allows him to do so, and Iblis leads all humans to hell except for the single-minded slaves. Allah agrees, and plans to fill hell with Iblis and his followers. 38:79-85